Sunday, 13 October 2013

Persistent heavy rain this morning prevented any sort of patch visit, I don't mind a bit of rain, but that was just too much, so I postponed my full patch walk until tomorrow  :-)

It wasn't until 15:30hrs that the rain finally cleared, which allowed for a short 1 hour walk over to the Greenhouse Grounds, more to get out the house than anything! I didn't expect to see much, nor did I, the best sighting was of a FIELDFARE flying over, and a party of 44 small finch's, too far off to ID, but they could of been Siskin or Linnet, probably the former, as there have been few Linnets here recently.

A BUZZARD called from somewhere behind the Greenhouse Copse, where a couple of JAYS squawked as they chased each other through the dripping trees. A small flock of a dozen or so GOLDFINCH had gathered to feed on a few stems of thistle, missed by the hedge cutters.

Over flying HERRING and BLACK HEADED GULLS were noted going through, as was a GREY HERON, in the distance a large formation of STARLINGS wheeled around the sky, at least 300 I'd say, I couldn't see anything that may have put them all up, maybe it was just a pre roost gathering. A few PIED WAGTAILS started to come into the roost at the Greenhouses, and I decided to head off to my own roost shortly after, passing the KESTREL pair on their wooden poles as I walked home.

Looking at my blog photo folder, not much is left except these garden bird images I took on Thursday  :-)


Marc Heath said...

Beautiful light on those Goldie's. Some more sun would be nice, especially in a weeks time when I'm off.

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Marc,
I dont normally like taking birds on feeder shots, but as you say, the light was so nice, I couldn't refuse :-)

Ana Mínguez Corella said...

Beautifil picks.. Quality and varied.. Cheers..

Warren Baker said...

Thank you Ana :-)