Monday, 7 October 2013

Misty at the Pub Field
Once again this morning was a very foggy affair, and it hung around for longer than yesterday, not properly clearing until 11:00hrs. I didn't have much time this morning as it was, and the fog early on really put a limit on what I found.

I did however add BARNACLE GOOSE (58) to the October species list, it had returned to visit my patch from its regular wanderings, keeping company with 3 CANADA GEESE on the Main Lake. There was an increase in GOLDCREST sightings around the Scrubby Woods, where NUTHATCH and BULLFINCH were the only noteworthy sightings today.

Over at the Greenhouse Grounds a GREY WAGTAIL was seen at the water intake area, its usual haunt, and the pair of KESTRELS were also seen in their regular positions on the wooden raspberry supports. A walk around the adjacent paddocks of Migrant Alley was made, and in the foggy conditions a few MEADOW PIPITS and SKYLARKS were noted, but as I got to my sky watching seat I saw a small bird leave the fence line and go into the Greenhouse Grounds, I quickly found it again, and was elated to see it was a STONECHAT (107,59) , Fantastic! These little beauties rarely turn up on my patch, i've not had one of these here since 2011, a very welcome year tick indeed - thats two year ticks on consecutive days, will I get lucky again tomorrow ?

I had my camera on me, but the Stonechat proved too far away to photograph, and the fog made it pointless to try really - however, a later visit this afternoon to try and get a photo was a bit more successful, I got some half decent shots, the distance and being against the light making it difficult, but any shot of a Stonechat here is worth having :-)
It perched in the Hedgerow bordering the Greenhouse Grounds/ Migrant Alley
Then moving onto a favoured perch in the Greenhouse Grounds
The sun had gone in by now, and the bright sky made for difficult shooting
 The Stonechat posed nicely at times, if only I was closer and in better light,
I cant complain really, these are the best shots I have of Stonechat
Stunning Stonechat!


Marc Heath said...

Well done, you seem to be on a roll at the moment but just remember THINGS COME IN 3's, what tomorrow going to bring?

Warren Baker said...

Well Marc,
I'd like a Red backed Shrike please!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Stonechat - sorted!!!
Crackin set of pics



Marianne said...

Little beauty is right, lovely shots of the Stonechat. Looks like he's running through his whole repertoire of poses for you :)

Simon Horne said...

great shots of the stonechat

Gravel Pit Birder said...

if you get a shrike my phone number is....!!!....i will leave work immediately with a ringing net in tow....