Sunday, 6 October 2013

Lifting fog at Migrant Alley
The early fog lifted gradually this morning and once it had gone, the day turned out sunny and warm  :-)

Another full patch walk was undertaken and in the five hour visit 42 birds species were recorded, a little below par, but not significantly so. Quite a number of regulars went unseen, Coal Tit, Treecreeper, Long Tailed Tit, Greenfinch, Mistlethrush, and Stock Dove all avoided detection today, as did the Sparrowhawk, I wonder why thats keeping low ?

On the plus side, a few species were found that weren't seen yesterday, all being new for the October list, and one, the GOLDEN PLOVER (106,54) being a new species for the year, a lone bird called repeatedly as it flew over Migrant Alley then over the Greenhouse Grounds, a good bird to get here, as is any wader species!

Both CANADA GOOSE (55) and GREYLAG GOOSE (56) flew over, adding themselves to the October species list, the former in a skein of 32 birds, the latter in two skeins, one of 6 and one of 22. Another bird was added to the months list, and I was particularly pleased to see it as it is just the second record this year, the last being on January 19th -  a REED BUNTING (57) not a particularly rare bird, but it can be very scarce on my patch  :-)

Of the summer birds, just 2 CHIFCHAFF were noted and a pair of SWALLOWS flew over heading south, a party of half a dozen HOUSE MARTINS also went over, briefly circling the Lake area before moving on.

Other noteworthy species, for my patch, seen today, were a GREY HERON on the main lake, KESTREL and BUZZARD up hunting and two LITTLE OWLS, one calling from a private garden along Ashes lane, the other called from the Small holding.

The months list is moving along nicely now, but it is still a long way behind the best October tally of 77, I cant think where I will find another 21 species to beat that!!

In the sunny warm conditions, I saw Small White, Speckled Wood, Red admiral, and Peacock Butterflies, plus  a couple of dragonfly species, those being Migrant Hawker and Ruddy Darter.
Migrant Hawker
Migrant Hawker


Marc Heath said...

If only the weather could be more like today. Great news with the Goldie.

The Hairy Birder said...

Cracking shots as always Warren. I particularly like the Migrant Hawker and the atmospheric shot of 'Migrant Alley', very Autumnal looking!



Alan Pavey said...

Always nice to add birds as the year pushes on, did manage my first Stonechat of the year yesterday :-)