Tuesday, 27 January 2015

After spending two days indoors with a cold virus, I made a three hour patch visit this morning, what a relief to be out in the fresh air!

It was a very quiet visit though, with nothing much of note seen, but it was very springlike out there and once the early cloud dispersed some sunny spells were had, in which I heard song from SONGTHRUSH, DUNNOCK, WREN, ROBIN, TREECREEPER, COAL TIT and a very welcome GREENFINCH which sang from the Greenhouse Grounds, where a party of 4 LONG TAILED TITS were also found. The spring calls of both BLUE and GREAT TIT were also heard, as was the song/call of the STOCK DOVES from the Wet Woods, where at least 3 GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS drummed.

The lakes were almost birdless today, only a single COOT, 4 MOORHENS and 4 MALLARDS were on the ornamental lake, the immature Mute Swan has moved off again, the main lake was devoid of water birds, but the small lake had a CANADA GOOSE and a feral White ''Farmyard Goose'', which wont be going on my year list, ( to the surprise of some readers!)

At least 30 MEADOW PIPITS were flushed up from the Ashes Lane Field by a SPARROWHAWK going low over, the female KESTREL was also on the border fence line causing even more panic among the airborne Pipits!

Over at Migrant Alley a COMMON BUZZARD flew low over the sheep pasture, putting up the 78 BLACK HEADED GULLS and the lone COMMON GULL that were there. I felt a bit rough again shortly afterwards, and sat down on my skywatching seat to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine and maybe get to hear a Siskin or Lesser Redpoll flyover, non did though, but I did see two single YELLOWHAMMERS and a single SKYLARK fly past as some compensation.

last evening, around 20:30hrs, I heard a TAWNY OWL calling from close by the back of my house, nice to hear  :-)

Still a few images left in my 'blog photo folder'......................


....and yet more of the Long Tailed Tits


Phil said...

Glad to hear you're out and about Warren. We'll all feel better when it warms up!

Warren Baker said...

Cant wait for a bit of spring warmth :-)

Derek Faulkner said...

No "farmyard goose" - can't believe it.
I watched a Richards Pipit this morning, which has obligingly turned up on my patch.

Warren Baker said...

Well Derek,
if things continue to be slow here, I might just change my mind and count said ''Farmyard Goose'' :-)

Marianne said...

What a corking Redwing! Glad you were feeling up to getting out today :)

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Marianne,
will be glad to get rid of this virus completely !

Chris Rohrer said...

That Redwing is a stunner.Congrats!

Dean Stables said...

Ooooh nice Redwing, mate.
Pleased to hear you`re back up & about.