Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy new year to everyone!
Welcome to another year with Pittswood Birds, the 14th now, and the 8th to be covered by this daily blog.

Kicking off the the new year at the crack of dawn, which is not especially early at 07:30hrs, I left the house and wrote BLACKBIRD in my notebook, the first bird of 2015. This was steadily added to as I walked along Ashes lane, with CARRION CROW, ROBIN, GREAT TIT, JACKDAW, DUNNOCK, BLUE TIT, KESTREL, MAGPIE and WREN all being found.

Crossing the Ashes Lane Field, few species were added, around 30 MEADOW PIPIT were still about, WOODPIGEON, PIED WAGTAIL, and REDWING flew over plus a SONGTHRUSH fed on the lawn of a nearby garden.

Reaching the lakes, which had virtually now defrosted, the expected MUTE SWAN, COOT, MALLARD and MOORHEN were added to the years list, as was the KINGFISHER, good to get this species on the list early on  :-) A group of FIELDFARE flew from the banks of the main lake, calling as they went, while a walk through the Scrubby Woods added GOLDCREST, GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER, GOLDFINCH, COAL TIT, CHAFFINCH, PHEASANT,, LONG TAILED TIT, GREEN WOODPECKER, plus flyovers from BLACK HEADED GULL and YELLOWHAMMER.

Moving on, through the Wet Woods and the Small Holding, new species dried up somewhat, but I did mange to add COLLARED DOVE, BULLFINCH, NUTHATCH and STARLING to the 2015 list.

As I walked down High House Lane I was pleased to see 6 LAPWING sitting in the adjacent arable field along with 30-40 more Black Headed Gulls,  plus HOUSE SPARROW and SKYLARK were added to the list.

I checked the Greenhouse Copse next and found the LITTLE OWL at roost, then scanned the sheep pasture and paddcoks of Migrant Alley, were there were at least 140 more Black Headed Gulls, a minimum of 300 Starlings, plus the fisrst ROOKS of the year, at least 80 were present.

The final part of my walk across the Pub Field and back round to the Greenhouse Grounds, didn't add any more species from the ground, but flyovers from HERRING GULL, LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL, JAY, STOCK DOVE and lastly, a CORMORANT rounded off the morning.

So I finished up with a creditable 45 species for the first morning walk of 2015, which was added to this afternoon when GREENFINCH was seen at my garden feeders, one of 17 species I counted at the feeders, a good start to the 2015 garden bird count  :-)

The 2015 year list will be available to view on the tab under the header photo

No pics from today in the gloomy, windy weather, but here's a few from the garden feeders I took earlier this week  :-)

Coal Tit




Jason K said...

Happy New Year Warren!

Great photos to start of the year

BTW, I've returned to the world of blogging. Check out my new wildlife blog at:

Cheers Jason

Marc Heath said...

Happy New Year to you. A good start from you. I managed 83 species in 10 hours.

Warren Baker said...

Will do Jase :-)

Warren Baker said...

83 species is more than 3 quarters of my yearly tally! LoL