Saturday, 10 January 2015

It was blowing a near gale this morning, making trying to find small passerines in the woods very difficult, but I did come across a flock of 7 LONG TAILED TITS in the Scrubby Woods, also a pair of BULLFINCH were seen there.

The best birds seen today were the pair of GOOSANDER that were on the smallest of the 3 lakes, the second record of this species already this year, a KINGFISHER was seen, but nothing else was of note on the water, where the MUTE SWAN and MALLARDS were joined by only one COOT today, maybe the other one was just well hidden this morning.

A rash of squally rain showers swept through as I made my way to the Greenhouse Grounds and fields of Migrant Alley, making for very unpleasant conditions. The KESTREL pair were not deterred from hunting around the Greenhouses though and out on the sheep pasture 76 BLACK HEADED GULLS, with a lone COMMON GULL sat out the worst of the weather. As I gained what shelter I could against a hedgrow, I watched a BUZZARD drift over, putting up all the Gulls, STARLINGS, ROOKS, JACKDAWS, and WOODPIGEONS, at one point the Buzzard made a grab for a Woodpigeon, but only got a talon full of feathers!

Nothing much else was noted before I got fed up with the wind and rain and headed of home, just a couple of MEADOW PIPITS and a possible Grey Wagtail that I thought I heard, but in the wind, I couldn't be sure!

Anther poor visit and worse, i've run out of photo's  :-(


Marc Heath said...

This wind is certainly putting pay to much birding today. Wind dropping a little tonight. Hopefully owling a little later with my new 7d!!!

Warren Baker said...

Good luck, its always very exciting with a new camera :-)

Noushka said...

Oh my, you seem to have horrible weather....
I feel sorry for you, but it when it can't get worse, it's got to get better :)
You have my answer on my blog, thanks for keeping an eye open for me!!
Why should you use the translator since I write in both languages???

Warren Baker said...

I like you optimistic view Noushka :-)

Tomorrow looks to be a much brighter day!

As for the Translator, I didn't use it, i thought it was automatically done on your blog.

Wilma said...

We have had similar weather down here in Belize today - a series of intense squalls, one lasting for over an hour, bringing howling wind and torrents of rain. I got outside for only about 20 minutes before being driven back in. A hot chocolate and soup kind of day, even here in the tropics. Tomorrow will have to be better, right?

Warren Baker said...

That sounds worse than here!