Thursday, 8 January 2015

Heavy, persistent rain fell from dawn until just after midday today, when I finally got out for a quick 90 minute patch visit. I didn't expect to find much at that time of day, or in the short time I was out, nor did I, however, my visit to the lakes provided a nice view of a fishing GREY HERON, plus a fly through SPARROWHAWK.

The Ashes Lane Fields had a couple of MISTLETHRUSH and 7 REDWING feeding on them, nice to see, also the nearby old shack had a LITTLE OWL sitting in it, the first seen there for some months after the surrounding trees and scrub were pointlessly grubbed out.

I had a quick scan of the sheep pasture and paddocks at Migrant Alley, finding just half a dozen BLACK HEADED GULL and a COMMON GULL there, heavy disturbance from the nearby college students had emptied the area. I walked home via the Greenhouse Grounds, where the female KESTREL was on one of the greenhouses, as I looked at her through my bins I spied 3 BUZZARDS soaring up in the sky. The sound of singing DUNNOCK, WREN and ROBIN made it feel quite springlike in the warm sun that was now out, but the song was tainted by the sounds of chainsaws nearby.

The weather looks a bit better for tomorrow, hopefully I can get in a full patch walk and add something to the year list, any kind of goose would do!

The last of my garden pics..........................

 Great Tit
House sparrow

Collared Dove



Dean Stables said...

We had sunshine & heavy showers up here, today. Strong winds forecast for tomorrow :-(

Pete Woodruff said...

Bird song tainted by the sound of a awful Warren.

The chainsaw does a lot of damage in the wrong hands, often doing the wrong job felling trees!