Monday, 12 January 2015

In a complete turn around from yesterday, the weather this morning was awful, with a gale blowing and frequent, squally showers being blown through, my 2 hour patch visit was barely worth the effort :-(

I hardly saw enough to put together a post today, the most noteworthy sightings were of a GOLDFINCH flock of around 50 birds that had moved into the Small Holding area, the flock of 35 MEADOW PIPITS that were on the Ashes Lane Fields, plus the large number of birds that had gathered out on the sheep pasture at Migrant Alley, which consisted of 154 BLACK HEADED GULLS, a single COMMON GULL, 150 ish STARLINGS, 100+ JACKDAWS, 100+ ROOKS and 57 WOODPIGEON.

Conditions look to be wet and windy for much of this week...............

I saved these photo's of the Long Tailed Tits that visited late yesterday afternoon, brightens the post a bit!


Marc Heath said...

Just be glad you have the chance to get out every day, stop moaning. I would love that opportunity. A nice pair of tits today Warren. I think iv'e been possessed!!

Warren Baker said...

OK Marc, no more moaning about the weather.......for a while!