Tuesday, 13 January 2015

I waited for the rain to stop before getting out for a patch visit this morning, which it did around 09:00hrs, then, somewhat surprisingly, the sky completely cleared for a couple of hours, allowing for a pleasant walk in the sunshine  :-)

I hadn't recorded much of note, but as I reached the lakes I saw a female GOOSANDER on the main lake, so I set about trying to get some images of it, I hid myself away in the bankside trees waiting for it to swim past within camera range, as I waited I saw a KINGFISHER whiz fast and low over the water  :-)
I waited for a good 20 minutes, but the Goosander only came to within around 35 meters.

I took what images I could though, as it's a great species to get on patch

Just as I pressed the shutter button, a male dropped in right behind the female, along with another female, what luck, 3 Goosander!

This shot has been cropped a bit more, but was the very next frame, an 8th of a second on.

As I photographed the male, again at some distance, yet another female splashed in!!

More shots were taken of the three females and the male, when blow me down yet another female splashed in, 5 Goosanders!!

Eventually all 5 birds swam off to a sheltered part of the lake for a snooze and preen  :-)

I left the Goosanders to their rest, then walked the scrubby woods, where a few bits and pieces were found, GOLDCREST, NUTHATCH, LONG TAILED TIT, COAL TIT, BULLFINCH, GREEN WOODPECKER, GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER and STOCK DOVE being the best of what was seen there.

I made my way across to the Greenhouse Grounds and Migrant Alley, seeing on the way, both a SPARROWHAWK and BUZZARD as I crossed the Ashes Lane Field. I found the LITTLE OWL sitting in the sunshine at its roost in the Greenhouse Copse, but only a single MEADOW PIPIT was of note around the Greenhouses, although I did come across some more Long Tailed Tits there, I took some photo's of them which i'll post tomorrow  ;-)

Out on the sheep pasture and paddocks of Migrant Alley there was again a large number of birds present, with over a hundred STARLINGS, around 70 WOODPIGEONS, a 100+ mixed corvid flock of JACKDAWS and ROOKS, plus over 120 BLACK HEADED GULLS, which again had a COMMON GULL with them, today 7 HERING GULL had joined them too.

Not a bad visit today, short but interesting, although no new birds were added to the year list, unfortunately.


Wilma said...

Some excitement then, Warren! Wonderful photos, too. Right place at the right time. We all know that usually takes putting in the time to up the odds and that sure paid off for you this time. Cheers.

Warren Baker said...

Your right Wilma,
Keep at something long enough and you'll eventually get a result! :-)

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Your Goosander could well be from Bough Beech . They have 30+ come in to roost every evening , then fly out in the morning .
Nice shots .

Marc Heath said...

A nice set Warren, love the splashing from them, well captured.

Warren Baker said...

Maybe the Goosander could bring a couple of Tufted Duck on their next visit!

Anonymous said...

Warren - Are the lakes where the Goosander are accessible to the public?
I went up to Sevenoaks toay as there are meant to be 2 there but I didn't see them. I only live at East Peckham so Hadlow is very convenient.


Ken. said...

Good find on your patch today. great pics of the Goosanders.

Warren Baker said...

There is a footpath that runs along the edge of the lake, views can be had from the footpath, but through the trees only, as the lakes are privately owned :-)

The Goosanders are a bit hit and miss though, this is the 3rd record here in 13 days, so about a 25% chance of finding one here at that rate LoL

Anonymous said...

Thanks Warren - sounds like it would be a bit distant for my 300mm - have to persevere with Sevenoaks, or hope Steven Mills gets some at Horsmonden (he hasn't blogged recently) - even the one at Widewater was reported as missing today.

Pete Woodruff said...

Yes, excellent images of your five Goosander Warren....Luv 'em!

Dean Stables said...

Love the 2 "action" shots, Warren. Niiiiice.