Wednesday 16 November 2011

Another grey November afternoon beckoned, and with it was a chill in the air, but as most days, I made a visit to my patch, albeit camera-less again!

I made my way to the lakes again, via the Tree Nursery and Pub Field rather than going the Small Holding and Wet Woods route,  I counted 18 MEADOW PIPITS, 15 LINNETS and a GREEN WOODPECKER as I walked through the Tree Nursery, then on exiting here, I walked the dividing hedgerow with the Pub Field, and found a party of busy LONG TAILED TITS with two GOLDCRESTS. Out on the Pub Field were at least 50 BLACK HEADED GULLS, and again around 20 LAPWING were present, but no sign of the Buzzard today, however, another raptor was on show - a PEREGRINE (61) it flew over the field, having the effect of putting everything up, so I quickly moved on to the lakes.

I could hear the TEAL calling as I approached the ornamental lake that is situated in the grounds of the large house, it had moved lakes again  :-) with it were two pairs of MALLARD. On the adjacent main lake a CORMORANT was fishing, more Mallards were recorded.

here's a couple of garden bird photo's from the sunny Sunday just gone.




Warren Baker said...

Dave, the Peregrine flew over the lake area then back again - unscathed!

Warren Baker said...

Funny you should mention Goldcrests, there have been more about in the past 3-5 days here, and I noticed one in my Garden this evening :-)

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

You seen this bud? - eyes to the skies...or those pools of yours



Rohrerbot said...

We've had our share of grey days. I can't believe the ignorance of some people. They are all over...I hope they catch the idiot(s).
One other thing....I need your bird help. There are lots of birds out there, but I don't know what birds I took a pic of on my post. There was some green on their white feathers but the sun kind of "whitens" the color out. It's today's post "Decay" and they are seabirds and were really cool looking.....I found them off of an island in Panama and the green was a really cool color. Even though you can't see it, the birds were still really cool to look at. Hope a bit of sun shines your way. Chris

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Shaz ;-)

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Marianne,
Enjoy the winter wildlife :-)