Tuesday 15 November 2011

I did much the same walk as yesterday after work today, but the warm sunny conditions seen this morning soon disappeared, and the low cloud with mist rolled in again, very frustrating!

The TEAL was still present over at the lakes, it had moved back onto the main lake, with it were a few MALLARDS and MOORHENS, the smallest of the two satellite lakes had a single CANADA GOOSE and more M & M' s, but the ornamental lake was empty, probably disturbed by the gardener of the large house, the grounds of which the lake is situated.

I again encountered the LONG TAILED TIT flock around the edge of the main lake, but there wasn't any other species with them today. In the adjacent Scrubby Woods a few BLACKBIRDS, SONGTHRUSHES, and REDWING flew up from the woodland floor, but not a hoped for Woodcock. BULLFINCH and TREECREEPER were heard calling, and whilst I watched a GOLDCREST, it started up it's high pitched song  :-)

Making my way over to the Tree Nursery, 4 single LESSER REDPOLL were heard going over from east to west, as were a couple of SISKIN, but the Tree Nursery itself was all quiet apart from 16 MEADOW PIPIT, there were probably more out in the shrubs, but I didn't go through all the bushes, I instead followed the track to the Pub Field, here there were 52 BLACK HEADED GULLS some on the seedling grass, some winging there way up and down the field, occasionally dropping down on some morsel to eat. Whilst I watched them through my bins, I noticed two well camouflaged LAPWING sitting well out in the field, then scanning round saw the BUZZARD sitting on a fence post, it seems to have made this field his home this week!

As yesterday, my last place to visit was the tall hedge at Migrant Alley, today there were 8 YELLOWHAMMER, feeding on the wheat grain, this seems to be the most the grain is attracting at the moment, but i'm sure more will come in if it gets colder. A quick skyscan revealed nothing but greyness, but as I cleaned my lenses on my bins, a flock of 43 Lapwing flew over, heading towards the Pub Field, I couldn't tell if they joined the other two there though.

I took the camera out today, as it was sunny initially, but the incoming cloudy conditions were against photography really. here's the results!

The long staying Teal, -  yes, here three days is a long time for a teal to stay on the lakes!

Buzzard on the fence post - just look at the gloom in the background  :-(

The Buzzard took off and was immediatly mobbed by a CARRION CROW

The CHAFFINCH photo, below, was taken at my feeders on Sunday afternoon



Sharon said...

It may be grey & gloomy Warren, but that shot of the Buzzard would be enough to brighten up my day (I don't get to see that many round here!).
Would you get Tree Sparrows round where the Yellowhammers are? Would they eat the wheat too?

Warren Baker said...

If I had Tree Sparrows, i'm sure they would eat the Wheat Sharon, alas, Ive never seen any on my patch :-(

Millhouse Photography said...

Look at the pose in the crow next to that Buzzard! Excellent.

I had Tree Sparrows this weekend in the garden - never thought I would. They were just eating the normal wheat, seed mix.

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Christian,
I love to find Tree sparrows on my patch :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Some more great pics Warren! let me know when are you going to the Teal this, just so that I'm ready :-)

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Alan, is there a typo in your comment, or am I missing someting :-)

Ornitocampero.blogspot.com.es said...

The buzzard carrion pic ,,very good one!

Bob Bushell said...

Don't they know that a Buzzard could knock the Crow to pieces. Great photos.

Anonymous said...

Cracking action/flight shot, Warren.

Martin Clay said...

Great Shot of the crow launching into the Buzzard!