Sunday 20 November 2011

More blasted fog!!!
A frustrating time was had this morning, as very dense fog shrouded my patch, limiting sightings to just a few regular species, with no chance of seeing any flyover species. After just 90 mins I gave up, and headed home for breakfast, where I waited for the fog to clear. Just 29 species were noted in the 90 mins, which I spent walking over to the lakes area, but it was nice to see the LITTLE OWL in the Small Holding, plus a bonus on the lake was finding 4 MANDARIN DUCKS which flew from the bankside vegetation of the main lake.

By 10.00hrs the fog had only lifted slightly, but I got fidgety at home and took a walk over to the Tree Nursery, Pub Field and Migrant Alley ( see above photo). It was very hard going, but I slowly started to find a few birds, 24 MEADOW PIPIT were in the Tree Nursery, with 3 GREEN WOODPECKER, on the Pub Field there were an unknown number of BLACK HEADED GULLS, just shadows were seen, and looking for any Lapwing out there was hopeless!

I arrived at Migrant Alley, where eventually the fog did lift, but it was 11;30hrs by now, and the best bit of the day for birds had passed. I sat and watched the tall hedge next to my seat, and had a skywatch in some bright warm and springlike sunshine!  A KESTREL was up hunting over the Greenhouse Complex, spooking a few PIED WAGTAILS my way. In the tall hedge there were BLACKBIRDS, DUNNOCKS, 3 FIELDFARE, 2 CHAFFINCH and 4 YELLOWHAMMERS. Flyovers were confined to mostly gulls, 2 LESSER BLACK BACKED, and a few BLACK HEADED, but 6 small flocks of HERRING GULLS went south east.

In all then, not the best of visits!!

Photo opportunities were limited, but the tall hedge provided these two species  :-)



I finally got some sort of photo of the Yellowhammers that visit the tall hedge where I put the wheat grain for them, this is the best view of one ive had to date!

In the sunshine this afternoon, I spent an hour in my garden, trying for some photo's of the regulars. I was very pleased to see a female BULLFINCH arrive, but before I had even focused in on it, the blasted SPARROWHAWK had chased it off!  - I really am getting fed up with these pesky Sprawks!!

Coal Tit
Coal Tit



Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

hehehe you're back early!!!!

Lovely light on those dunnock pics probably picking out the subtle hues better than glorious sunshine would have done


PS don't let that sprawk get yer bullies

Warren Baker said...

Yep, Back early Dave, got bits to do before dusk falls :-)

Sharon said...

Never thought I'd hear you call Sprawks "pesky" Warren ;-)
Nice Coal Tit photos, ours don't stay still long enough to get a shot!

Anonymous said...

Same weather up here too, Warren.

I agree with Dave, the Dunnock shots are my faves.

Jason K said...

That is some seriously claggy weather...wasnt any better over this way today Warren

Alan Pavey said...

Some more great photos Warren, it was pretty misty again this morning, I'm glad it cleared later!!

BlueShell said...

You waited for the fog to clear...and then the photos ...magnificent!!! All of them...but i like the first one too...

Thank you for visiting.
Kiss said...

Nice dunnock and always incredible for me a woodpecker on birdfeeder......

Bob Bushell said...

Bad fog, brilliant pictures.