Friday 25 November 2011

The view North from my sky watching position at Migrant Alley this afternoon
There was some well received sunshine for my afternoon walk today, however it didn't seem to bring out the birdlife!  My usual walk to the lakes and back was almost completely birdless, I know afternoons are not the best time to see birds, and there may have been quite a bit of disturbance earlier in the day, but all the same, it was a pretty bad state of affairs. I just hope things pick up markedly for tomorrow mornings full patch walk.

There was one species i'm always glad to see, the LAPWING, 8 of them were out on the Pub Field, strangely, the flock of 40 o 50 Black Headed Gulls that have been here for a couple of weeks, had completely disappeared.

Lapwing - One of the 8 seen on the Pub Field, they are hard to approach without putting them up, so i took this photo from well away.
Whilst finishing the day in my usual place at Migrant Alley, I heard a TREECREEPER calling from the Greenhouse Complex some 30 - 35 meters away, such a piercing call for a small bird, but nothing flew over whilst I was there, apart from the local Corvids, the ROBIN was still beside me at the tall hedge, where a few CHAFFINCH finished of the last bits of wheat grain as well. Its been a real struggle on my patch this week, I feel things can only get better!!

The Robin at the tall hedge.......again, sorry but it's just about the only bird that I got near today!!


Greenie said...

Warren ,
Nice to finally see a shot of your pile !
Heard today that this sort of weather will last well into December .

Warren Baker said...

Greenie, Thats just one of my out buildings :-)

Sharon said...

I thought it was your servants quarters ;)
Nice shot of Robin & Lapwing.
Have a great weekend Warren - hope tomorrow is better day for you :)

Rohrerbot said...

It's interesting Warren because I've been having the same issues. Somedays are full of birds like today. We had around 40-50 birds feeding today but just yesterday, barely any came to visit? It's very interesting, but I did note that we had a hawk fly through our trees yesterday and it explains their absence. Glad you had a little sunshine/break from the fog and mist.

Ken. said...

Hi Warren.
Nice sky watching position. Shame you didn't have much luck today, hope tomorrow is better for you.
Have agood weekend.

Alan Pavey said...

I'm sure there will be more for the weekend, as we've probably said before it's the joys (or not) of patch watching :-)

Jason K said...

Lapwing on the deck are always a good patch bird mate!