Tuesday 26 June 2012

After some lovely warm sunshine this morning whilst at work, I was itching to get out around the Tree Nursery this afternoon, maybe the Small Skippers, or Gate Keeper butterflies had emerged? However, I was there for just 5 mins, when the cloud rolled in, the wind picked up, and the temperature dipped - along with my enthusiasm  :-(  I did just manage to record a couple of Large Skipper Butterflies, a Black Tailed Skimmer, and a White-legged Damselfly before it all went quiet.

I decided to go home and change my camera lens, then walk around the Greenhouse Grounds and Migrant Alley, both places were buzzing - but not the sort of buzzing I wanted, it was the sound of the dreaded brush cutters, the Greenhouse grounds people aren't too bad, they just cut the paths and around the greenhouse bases, but the College lot cut anything and everything! So it was one of those afternoons where I gave up early and went home, I did at least get a couple of grainy photo's of one of the KESTRELS as it sat and waited for prey items to be flushed from the strimming activities at the Greenhouse Grounds

This morning would have been much more enjoyable for a patch visit, I walked to work in some warm, still conditions, and found the first fledgling SWALLOWS of the year, four of them lined up on a fence rail at Migrant Alley, just begging for a photograph, but I don't take my camera into work. A HOBBY flew through the College Grounds, where one of the SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS was also seen, a SPAROWHAWK was circling over, plus COAL TITS and GOLDCREST were seen in the fir trees that line the main access road.
White-legged Damselfly female
White-legged Damselfly, female
Black-tailed Skimmer, this must be an immature male as it's starting to get some blue on its abdomen, alas it's never as easy as that, as some females also get a certain amount of ''bluing'' as they age ( Thanks Greenie!)


ShySongbird said...

Lovely damsel photos Warren, the first is what Greenie would call very Warrenesque :-) Nice to see the Kestrel too.

We have had heavy rain showers most of the afternoon which weren't forecast :-(

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

The college should be setting a better example - they're probably negating all the best practice they teach on their environmental management courses

Tidy is cr*p!!!



Warren Baker said...

Hi Songbird,
''Warrenesque'' but not quite in focus! I need to get a proper macro lens set up ;-)

Warren Baker said...

Davo, you'd have to visit the place to believe what goes on !

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Confused with the Black-tailed Skimmer ?
So was I a couple of years ago , when I photographed a blue male and a female with blue pruinescence on her abdomen , just like yours , in 'the ring' . I sent it to the Kent Recorders , and they told me that some females , usually older specimens , can get this bluing on their abdomen .
Identification doesn't get any easier , does it ?

Warren Baker said...

I had a an inkling I was being too clever for my own good!

Ken. said...

I am glad that matter re the Black Tailed Skimmer is cleared up. Nice banter between yourself and Greenie.
Nice shots of the White Legged Damselfly.

Marc Heath said...

Great set Warren. Some good quality shots

Rohrerbot said...

I love that you take Dragonfly, Damselfly shots because I have been paying closer attention to them. There are so many and they come in all colors. I just learned that "skimmer" is a pretty common word in many of their names. The wing variations, eye colors, tail coloring....very interesting stuff. Glad you had some sun....and we'd gladly take your rain and clouds for a week here:) It's supposed to reach 111 on Thursday or Friday!!! Ugh! Another day trapped indoors.

Jason K said...

Cracking White-legged Damselfly shots Warren. It's good to see that your getting a few inverts between the spells of crappy weather mate!