Friday 1 June 2012

A new month begins and the new bird list begins  :-)  June is not usually as productive as May or April, with the likelihood of any passing migrant birds diminishing by the day, but there is always the chance something nice might just crop up.

This morning the list started with a few birds seen in my garden, including CHAFFINCH, COLLARD DOVE, STARLING, BLUE TIT, GREENFINCH, DUNNOCK, JACKDAW and more unusual for my garden a JAY. Leaving the house for work a WREN was singing loudly and GOLDFINCH, GOLDCREST, WOODPIGEON, WHITETHROAT, SWALLOW, HOUSE SPARROW and PHEASANT were all added as I walked along Ashes Lane towards the greenhouse Complex, it was here the list was augmented by MAGPIE, CARRION CROW, ROBIN, BLACKBIRD, LINNET plus a noisy GREENWOODPECKER. I left the Greenhouse Grounds, and crossed Migrant Alley, where it was mostly quiet, but the flock of 80-100 Geese were on the sheep pasture, comprising of CANADA GEESE, GREYLAG GEESE, and the feral BARNACLE GOOSE, overhead a LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL was seen, and the first of the ROOKS were coming in to feed on the paddocks. A few more common species were added as I passed through the College Grounds, GREAT TIT, GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER, BLACKCAP, CHIFFCHAFF, PIED WAGTAIL, and SONGTHRUSH, 33 species in the 30 minute walk to work wasn't too bad  :-)

The walk home again was entirely different, just a COMMON BUZZARD and a HERRING GULL were added to the months tally, both seen over Migrant Alley as I fruitlessly scanned the sky for a Swift.  After something to eat, I made my way back over to the College Grounds, I thought I might find one of the Spotted Flycatchers, I didn't manage that, but a few SWIFTS were overhead, and a MOORHEN was with 3 newly fledged young. I spent a small amount of time looking for Damsels, and though there were a few Blue Tailed and Azure about and a single Common Blue, they were fewer than of late, the light was very poor and decent photo's were hard to get, the best of them obtained being this Common Blue.
Common Blue Damselfly
I left the College Grounds, and took a walk over to the Wooded Headland, where I was hoping to hear a Turtle Dove, but they remained quiet today, however, this MISTLE THRUSH was seen in the gloomy understory.
Mistle Thrush
Heading out into the sheep pasture a SKYLARK was heard up high, and another flew from the grass nearby, a pair of STOCK DOVES flew up with a flock of woodpigeons, bringing the months list to 40 species. I finished the day of with a skywatch from my seat at Migrant Alley, which initially proved poor, but eventually one of the pair of local KESTRELS came over to hunt in the Greenhouse Grounds, and a little later a TURTLE DOVE flew over, and later still a CORMORANT headed over towards the lake area, the final bird on the list today was the LITTLE OWL, it came and sat on the Greenhouse guttering, a favourite hunting place over the last month, I did get a distant photo, but again with the poor light, it was no more than a record shot. 44 species to kick the month of then, a good start, but some way to go yet to beat the record June tally of 68, set in 2010  :-)
Little Owl


ShySongbird said...

Hi Warren, sorry I missed commenting on yesterday's post :-( I did enjoy it as always though. Sorry you are still having problems with the camera, I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out and didn't notice at all on Wednesday's photos. How on earth will you manage without it!! Do you still have your old one?

Lovely damsel photo again today and I'm always envious of your owls :-)

Warren Baker said...

Hi Songbird,
no need to worry about not commenting, you cant comment on every post, better things to do :-)

As for the Camera, well I have got my old Canon 40D, which I will try to use for the next two weeks, but after having my current camera welded to my arm for the past two years, it will be difficult to find the right settings in time for those crucial quick shots with the old camera. It's a bit like having to write left handed :-)

Ken. said...

Like ShySongbird, I too am sorry not to have caught up on quite a few of your past posts.
Today wasn't such a bad day in the end, especially starting off with a good count in the first 30 minutes.
love the photo of the Little Owl. It must be nice to have one on your local patch.
I hope you get your camera back soon.
Have a good weekend.

Millhouse Photography said...

I don't see many Mistle Thrush Warren, come to think of it, I've not seen many Song thrush this year either.