Tuesday 5 June 2012

A few hours respite from the rain this morning was spent doing another full patch walk, a cool wind developed, and once again it felt most unsummer like, but, as yesterday, a good total of 48 species was recorded.

Another two species were added to the confirmed successfully breeding list, when a newly fledged BLACKCAP was seen along the banks of the College Stream, and a short distance away over at the College Stables, a PIED WAGTAIL was seen feeding a newly fledged youngster, that brings the total for the successful breeders to 24 species this spring.

The visit was also notable for a couple of flyover species, nine BLACK HEADED GULLS flew south over Migrant Alley, not a species often recorded here in June, especially in any number, also six LAPWING (59) headed NW,  another scarce June species and a new one for this month.

Other notable species were a LITTLE OWL that sat on the Greenhouses again, KESTREL and SPARROWHAWK over the Tree Nursery, and TURTLE DOVE singing in the Scrubby Woods. The COOT pair were seen with their two young, after not being found yesterday, and a GREY HERON dropped onto the main lake to fish. A TREECREEPER (60) was at last recorded as it scampered around a large Oak tree in the Wet Woods, bringing the June species list to 60  :-)

Not much made it onto the camera this morning, apart from a distant shot of the hunting Kestrel, so early this afternoon, before more rain set in,I made an effort to try and get a couple of familiar garden bird photo's as well.
Hunting Kestrel
Hunting Kestrel


Phil said...

Nice Kestrel shots Warren. You were right about the rain setting in, it's 'persisterating' down now!

Warren Baker said...

Phil, ive just put my heating on!

Marc Heath said...

Pouring down here in Broomfield, Herne Bay. Another miserable afternoon, nice Woody photo though.

Kelly said...

Love the shots of the hunting kestrel. Those are hard to get...

Jason K said...

Cracking Kestrel shots Warren. You know, I don't tend to see many lapwing at Shenstone outside of autumn winter

Anonymous said...

Yeah, great shots of the Kestrel, Warren.

I`ve not done any birding yet, this month. Why ? i don`t know.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Weather looks grim for the forseeable , gales and a lot more rain .
Good to see the Kestrel in the sun .

ShySongbird said...

Lovely Kestrel photos Warren!

We too had to put the heating on last night and it's raining again as I type :-(

Millhouse Photography said...

Superb detail in the kestrel shots Warren, even though they were distant.