Friday, 17 October 2008

Although it was hardly light as I crossed Migrant Alley this morning, I could see high up, hundreds of WOODPIGEON all going over S/W. I remember this happening in previous years, sometimes they go over in groups of 100's , all across the sky, for hours, over a 3 -4 day period.
This afternoon I visited the Lake and wet woods again, but before I did I noticed the MARSH TIT in the garden, as I was eating lunch, I wasn't quick enough with my bins to see if it was the ringed one. At the lake it was pleasing to find something other than MALLARDS and MOORHENS, as there were two CORMORANT fishing there. The woods were devoid of any birdlife, but I did hear some SISKIN fly over. I walked across the tree nursery, and flushed up a couple of MEADOW PIPITS and the usual GREEN WOODPECKER, I checked the shack for Owls, but none were in today. ( I will put up a box for them). At migrant Alley the usual flock of LINNETS were their normal flighty selves, numbering around 75 birds, but the bird of the day was a flyover LESSER REDPOLL (98), at last! It flew right over the stubbles, giving it's distinctive call, and I watched it fly S/E until it disapeared. I missed out on this species last year, it would have given me the big 100 for the year, the last record was back on the 17th April 2006. surely I can find two more species this year? Will the missing Nightingale let me down, this, the only year I've not recorded one?
Nothing much else to report, a GOLDCREST was in the garden as I sat down to write this entry, a good species to have, and the 21st species to visit this month.

Above: One of the Cormorants fishing onthe lake, and below is what I think is a Fly agaric fungi. Greenie will let me know. :-)


fishing guy said...

Warren: Nice shot of the Cormorant and certainly a special look at the fungi.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Well done with the Lesser Redpoll ,
number 98 . Tantalisingly close now .
Spot on with the fungi ID .

Steve said...

Great stuff are definitely going to hit the 100 before me!