Tuesday, 28 October 2008

A cracking morning, a light frost but dead calm and a blue sky. The walk to work across migrant alley, was very picturesque, WOODPIGEONS continued to fly over, high up heading southwards, a stream of HERRING, and BLACK HEADED GULLS flew across, and into a field just off my patch, whilst at the college a party of 11 LONG TAILED TITS were busy, whilst a GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER looked on from a silver birch.
Looking at the feeders whilst eating lunch, I noticed a lot more activity, especially from BLUE and GREAT TITS, but in the few minutes I was watching, COAL TIT, NUTHATCH, Great Spotted Woodpecker, JAY, MAGPIE, JACKDAW, Woodpigeon and of course the SPARROWHAWK all showed up. Once out on my patch some nice birds were seen, At least one SISKIN was in some alders by the lake, where 2 CORMORANTS were again fishing. Two REDPOLL flew over the tree nursery,the BARN OWL was at home, and the PEREGRINE flew over Migrant Alley, putting up hundreds of birds, PIPITS, WAGTAILS, SKYLARKS, LINNETS, ROOKS, Jackdaws the lot! As I sat at migrant alley, a LITTLE OWL was calling behind me, from a small copse, just off patch. Now the days are shortening, the walk seemed over in a flash.

Above is whats left of a wasps nest. It was probably dug up by a badger. Below are some of the wasps.
The Barn Owl was just visible in the gloom.

And this Fox trotted across 40m or so in front of me, despite my best ''dying rabbit'' noise it didn't stop!

Below are some of the Rooks that flew up after the Peregrine went through. If you enlarge the pic you can see them better. I couldn't get them all in the frame!

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fishing guy said...

Warren: What a neat capture of the Red Fox. They are really stately.

I was in the back yard yesterday and the birds were making a racket. I was whistling like their cal and a little Kestrel Falcon came soaring directly over my head at 6 meters. Maybe I sounded too real.