Tuesday, 14 October 2008

A frustrating day today, first of all it was foggy this morning (the weather forecast didn't mention that!), and after leaving later this afternoon for only a quick scan of the fields, ( I had to fit a thermostat to the boiler) there was disturbance at migrant alley, from the continued work the on fence / hedgerow, as well as some work being carried out moving the now mountainous pile of horse manure from migrant alley to a field just up the road. Work removing trees from the nursery was full steam ahead and then it clouded over with bits of rain , so I didn't get any photo's!
The only birds I got to see were the mixed flock in the stubbles, and the usual suspects in the garden. A piece of news on the Marsh Tits though, my pal up the road from me, had his mist nets up in his garden and managed to catch and ring one of them, so now I can see if it is returning to my patch to overwinter, providing it survives another year!
On a sadder note, on returning home this afternoon, I found a squashed Moorhen in Ashes lane, the 15th species i've found killed on the lane. (yes i've got a ''killed on the lane list''! sad man!)

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fishing guy said...

Warren: We have a similar problem with the Canadian Geese crossing the road.