Tuesday, 7 October 2008

My bins didn't even come out of my bag this morning, the walk into work was dark and wet, the only birds I saw were a flock of mixed corvids in the maize stubbles. Whilst at work it brightened up, so I was looking forward to walking across migrant alley on the way home, however home time came and so did the rain! Migrant alley was heaving with birds all the same, HOUSE MARTINS were going through, some stopping around to feed over the paddocks, which made counting them impossible, I estimate there were over 50 though. A large mixed flock of PIED WAGTAILS, MEADOW PIPITS, GOLDFINCH'S and LINNETS were very flighty, as they fed in the stubbles.
After i'd had a bit to eat, I went back out to migrant alley, I was pleased to see my old friend the STONECHAT at his usual fence line, but a walk round the fields didn't produce anything new. I decided to sit and watch the sky for a while, it was short lived though, as 20mins later the sky darkened and heavy rain came in, not before a STOCK DOVE dropped into the stubble though, a new species for the months list.

Below is yet another pic. of the Stonechat, got to get it while I can, It may leave anytime!

This Squirrel below, was out in the paddock, and I was in between it, and the only cover available, it had no choice but to pose for the camera before I let it past!


fishing guy said...

Warren: My, you did get squirrely. Really cool shot of the Squirrel with a full mouth. I think you could take a lot of pictures of the Stonechat, he is a great little bird.

Steve said...

stonechat picture is great Warren