Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Despite the weather being much brighter today, the birding was much the same as yesterday. A walk over to the lake area was wasted, as the groundsman of one of the large gardens there, was using a chainsaw. A work party was in the tree nursery - as it will be all winter now, so I really only had Migrant Alley, and it's attendent LINNET, MEADOW PIPIT, SKYLARKS and PIED WAGTAILS to look over. A SPARROWHAWK seemed to turn up everywhere I went, so that didn't help matters, and a KESTREL was also over the stubbles, being harrassed by the corvids. So nothing much exciting happening, a usual October day.
It was this date last year that I started my blog, the year seems to have whizzed by. I hope all the people out there who read this diary get some inspiration from it! Thanks to all who visit anyway, and thanks for all the comments I get that I don't always get round to answering. I hope you'll stay with me for another year of ups and downs at pittswood!

Above. Another sparrowhawk, I seemed to meet up with it all afternoon!
Below are some of the Linnets from the stubbles


Greenie said...

Warren ,
Congratulations on becoming a second year blogger .
Always enjoy your posts , even the grumpy ones .
Here's to another good year .

fishing guy said...

Warren: Cool shot of the hawk on wing. the Linnets look like our Sparrows.