Thursday, 16 October 2008

The sun was out this afternoon, and a cool westerly wind blew. I took myself out for a 2hr visit round the patch, first a walk round the stubbles at migrant alley, where the birds were fewer than yesterday, just a couple of MEADOW PIPITS and a flock of 20 or so LINNNET. A flock of 200 ish, STARLINGS fed in one of the paddocks, and in the headland a small flock of 6-7 LONG TAILED TITS, with singles of BLUE and GREAT tit moved through the trees.
I then went to see if the BARN OWL was at roost, I peaked over the hedge, brought the inside of the shack into focus and wow! A pair of Barn Owls! Great stuff, maybe they will breed, I just hope the shack isn't knocked down, as has been threatened. I think i'll knock up a nest box and put it in some adjacent trees just in case.
On through the tree nursery, and a Comma butterfly gave a good chance for me to photo it, but few birds were about, just the odd JAY and a PHEASANT. At the lake area it was all quiet, apart from MOORHENS and MALLARDS, and in the wet woods the only bird of note was a pair of TREECREEPERS, an interesting walk though.

Above: Comma Butterfly
Above: Long Tailed Tit

Above: Treecreeper


Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Well done with 2 Barn owls, fingers crossed that they will breed. Great pics too.

Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Great pics is a bit of an understatement! Amazing Comma photo, the light is just perfect!

Mohamed Al Reedy said...

I do like this Blog, it is really nice.

Steve said...

Is there anyone you can talk too about the shack Warren? Be such a shame to loose the Barn Owls from your patch (unless they came to mine :-)

Warren Baker said...

Thanks josh. your spot on about the light being key. the treecreeper photo proves the point.

Steve, I will do my best, but the owners of the shack are not the best minded of people, they even made up the phone number, they gave me when I met them for the first and only time!

Nice of you to visit mohamed. I'm glad you find it enjoyable.