Wednesday, 8 October 2008

A CHIFFCHAFF called early this morning, and I saw HOUSE MARTINS still going over, on their passage south as I crossed Migrant Alley on the way home, these were the only summer birds seen though. The Stonechat seems to have moved on, but may not of gone far.
I sat out at Migrant Alley for 90 mins, hoping for some winter thrushes to fly over, but only saw 4 BLACK HEADED GULLS and a lone CORMORANT. A KESTREL came to hunt over the stubbles, putting up all the LINNETS, MEADOW PIPITS and PIED WAGTAILS, as well as about 6 SKYLARK.
I moved on to the tree nursery, but work has started proper now, so I won't record much there on afternoon visits. It seems now is the time to shift my attention more to the woods and lake area, now the summer migrants have gone. I thought i'd show you a few average leaving dates for some of the common migrant species that were here this summer. Ive left out Blackcap and Chiffchaff, as sometimes they over winter, and Swallows / house martins are still being seen.

The figures below show the mean leaving date for the species, with the latest ever date recorded, in brackets.

HOBBY - 15 Sept. (1st Oct)

TURTLE DOVE - 22nd Aug. (1Sept)

CUCKOO - 6th July. (5 Aug)

SWIFT - 20 Aug. (9Sept)

LESSER WHITETHROAT - 7th Sept. (20th Sept)

WHITETHROAT - 7th Sept. (12th Sept)

GARDEN WARBLER - 22nd Aug. ( 14th Sept)

WILLOW WARBLER - 22 Aug ( 9th Sept )

SPOTTED FLYCATCHER - 29th Aug (19th Sept)

Above : NUTHATCH at the garden feeders.


fishing guy said...
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fishing guy said...

Warren: Are you tying these dates in with Global Warming? It makes you wonder.