Friday, 10 October 2008

A CHIFFCHAFF called this morning, from the edge of the college sports field, and on my return home a KESTREL was hunting over the stubbles, but they were the only note-worthy birds seen on the walk to and from work.
This afternoon I did a repeat of yesterday's walk. There were no Marsh Tits today, in fact there was little of anything, a small party of LONG TAILED TITS in the wet woods was about it. I reached the Lake, and as well as a few MALLARD I saw my first KINGFISHER since the 13th Aug. It did a circuit of the lake, and went over to the adjacent smaller lake. I walked over to Migrant Alley, where the usual PIPITS, LINNETS and WAGTAILS could be seen, but they were fewer in number today, probably around 30 of each. The SPARROWHAWK was again hunting over the stubbles, and this time he was successful, I saw it take a STARLING and come down behind the hedgerow that the ''chats'' were using last month.

Below: One of the 30 or so PIED WAGTAILS that were frequenting the Maize stubbles. The Stubble hasn't been ploughed in yet, maybe because it would be pointless, as the gas pipeline is coming across that field. The field might be useful for some wintering Larks and Finch's if thats the case.


fishing guy said...

Warren: I do love the looks of that Wagtail. Kind of reminds me of our Killdeer.

Dave Jordan said...

Hi Warren
Some nice shots, have not been able to get out and about, so not much doing on my site hope to rectify this soon but I have been going over and posting a few odd shots
Kind regards
Dave Jordan