Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Another sweltering day !
This morning as I walked to work I had good views of the SPOTTED FLYCATCHER, in the college grounds, there was no sign of any youngsters, nor did it seem to be collecting food for any, but it is still quite early yet. Also seen was a flyover LAPWING headed west.

This afternoon was just too hot to go out, so I waited until 16:30 until the hottest part of the day had gone. I was out for 2 hours, and visited the college grounds, and stream, and walked a circuit of migrant alley. Very little was seen birdwise, but plenty of Butterflies were out, nothing new though.

A 40 minute skywatch over Migrant Alley only produced LESSER BLACKBACKED and HERRING GULL, with a GREY HERON. Kestrel and Sparrowhawk were nowhere to be seen, but the PEREGRINE was on its favoured perch - just off my patch.
There were lots of SWALLOWS about today, their numbers increased by more newly fledged young. (see the pics below)

As I left for home, I walked through the Greenhouse complex, and saw a WHITETHROAT and BLACKCAP together in a large Blackthorne bush, not usually where I see these species,a sign that things are moving towards the long autumn migration ?
June ended with a total of 65 species being recorded, the second highest June total. Four new species were recorded that have not occurred in any June-
Mute Swan, Red Kite, Meditteranean Gull and the Little Ringed Plover, which was a patch tick of course.
The mean number of species seen in June over the 8 years of recording, is 62.8, so this June was above average, and the total species recorded in all junes' combined is now 82.
As I sat writing this, all the swallows over the house went into alarm call, I looked out a saw a HOBBY circling round, nice end to the day.


Ken Browne. said...

Hi Warren.
Well done with the Spotted Flycatcher. Also congrats on beating your mean average for June, and if you have to have a final bird of the day what better than a Hobby at home.

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
Nice to be able to beat records... I'm still wondering if I will reach 85 species this year and more than 99 in Iceland!!! I've seen 99 now!
Here the weather is strange, hot but cloudy and with no light! So as you saw, it is macro time for me!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice end to the day & a nice end to the month. A great post as always, Warren.

Steve said...

Still havn't seen a flycather this year so well done on your spot. Great Swallow photos. You'll have to put a ring around the Peregrines perch so you have a satalite to your patch!

swatson said...

love the swallows what a smart looking bird

fishing guy said...

Warren: Very nice photos of the swallows, they are a pretty bird.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
I looked for Sp.Fly whilst working on the Ridge yesterday , but no sign where they nested last year .
Also very few Swallows on the site .

ShySongbird said...

Great Swallow photos Warren and a nice round off to the day to see the Hobby.

J'ellen said...

Nice swallow photos, Warren. Sorry you didn't get a record number for June, but 2nd isn't bad! Good job.