Thursday, 4 June 2009

It didn't take long to get the next species onto the months list, under 5 seconds! As I walked out the back door to go to work this morning I looked up, and before I had even closed the door behind me, what flew low over my house ?........Only a RED KITE, what a fantastic species to have over my house! I watched it glide slowly over, then ran back indoors, up the stairs to the front bedroom, and watched it fly off to the NW ( I think Joy was pleased I woke her out of her slumber to experience such a wonder!)

A particularly pleasing bird to have bring up the 90th species to be seen from my house.

Well this afternoon was never going to live up to that experience, but the I added a couple more species for June, a lone CORMORANT flew over the tree nursery, and whilst I was at Migrant Alley scanning the skies for the first Sparrowhawk of the month, I recorded a COMMON BUZZARD instead, That was the fifth raptor species this month to be seen before the Sparrowhawk, normally the Sparrowhawk is the first!

The months list moves on to 57, 10 more to equal the June record.

I also recorded only my second Tortoiseshell butterfly this year, whilst in the tree nursery, it was fluttering around a bunch of nettles.

Above is the Small Tortoiseshell
Above and below are a couple of fledgling BLUE TIT photo's taken in my garden. This one has been fledged a day or so.


Greenie said...

Warren ,
I hope Joy thanked you properly for waking her up to tell her about the Red Kite .
Had a Small Tortoiseshell today too .

swatson said...

that bluetit baby is just so gorgeous and what a great sighting of the red kite for you.They are an amazing bird,up here in the northeast the second chick has just been born making that two bred from those released.

Monika said...

That blue tit is too cute!

Steve said...

So are you saying you have had more Red Kite this year than Small Torts? That says something doesn't it!

Anonymous said...

Great bird to get on the "house list", Warren.

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Warren.
Now that's the way to get a Red Kite on your home list. What a great start to your day. Those fledgling Tit photo's are cute. Good luck with beating your previous June record

The Early Birder said...

It had to happen sooner or later Warren. Congrats.

EP Andy said...


Do you reckon the Red Kite was the same one as the other day ? They are becoming more frequent now round here. Who knows ?

ShySongbird said...

Congratulations on the Red Kite Warren, you must have been thrilled. I have never seen one but I know they are getting much nearer to me so maybe not too long!

That is a lovely photo of the Tortoiseshell and the Blue Tit photos are beautiful, you must have been very close.