Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A bit of late news from last evening - the hedgehogs were out!! They are quite a rareity where I live, these are the only two I know of. they came out around 21:00hrs, and were eating the leftover fat from a steak i had for dinner!

Back to today, which again dawned sunny and warm, a LESSER WHITETHROAT was heard singing as I walked in to work, as was a TURTLE DOVE and BLACKCAP, nice to have a bit of song first thing.
This afternoon was the usual trek round the tree nursery, but I decided to pay the lake and scrub area a visit, before going back over to migrant alley. I was looking for butterflies along the nursery boundary, but without much luck, just Large Skippers and Meadow Browns with a single Painted lady were recorded. Over at the lake and scrub area it was all very quite, as per normal in June, the lake had 13 CANADA GEESE on it, but not the hoped for Greylag goose, there was also a recently fledged MALLARD seen, it was scurrying across the water dodging the Geese! A male BULLFINCH alighted 20 feet in front of me, but kept itself hidden behind the foliage - like they always do!
I cut through the tree nursery to get to migrant alley, but half way across I heard a call- a Wader call, I looked up,but saw nothing but blue sky, then again it called, loud and clear, this time closer, but where was it ? Once again it called and this time I saw it, a tiny Wader, I got my bins onto it and had a glimpse of its face pattern - Ringed Plover, or was it a Little Ringed Plover ? I watched it fly over to migrant alley, and only ever got views of it's underside, but I did have the call to go on. On my return from my walk, I was straight on the computer, listening to Ringed and Little Ringed Plover calls, and no doubt in my mind it was a LITTLE RINGED PLOVER, (126, 101) Yesssssss!! A fantastic bird to have on my patch, I never would have believed this one would get recorded here, all that scratching around this month has paid off handsomely, I love patch watching!!
Also rans during a skywatch at Migrant Alley included the KESTREL, SPARROWHAWK, a CORMORANT ( only the second this month) and both LESSER BLACK BACKED and HERRING GULL, but I must admit, it was a halfhearted skywatch, as I was itching to get back and ID the wader, what a find!

Below is a JUV. LONG TAILED TIT, seen along the footpath between the wet woods and lake.
Below is a Male Bullfinch. A typical view of one of these very shy birds!!
Lastly the flotilla of CANADA GEESE, I still need Greylag Goose for the months list!


J'ellen said...

The tree branches and leaves will forever be a challenge to bird photographers! Still, nice shots.

Greenie said...

Wartren ,
Well done with the LRP .
All I've seen over the last 2 days was a Red Admiral and a Brown Hawker .
Can't wait to get out tomorrow .

Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

I'm sure I say this every time you get a patch tick, but here goes.
Definatly well deserved Warren, you put so much effort into your patch...suppose aiming for 200 now??!!

Warren Baker said...

Josh, I would have to live to be 200 before I get to record 200 species on my patch!

Anonymous said...

I agree, well done with the LRP, mate.

Kingsdowner said...

Not seen a young long-tail before - that's just weird!

Ipin said...

I once had two hedgehogs mating in my garden, I heard the most incredible noise, it was after dark, so I went and got a torch and there they were - on the job! Grunting away - maybe that is why they are called hedgehogs?

ShySongbird said...

Congrats on the LRP Warren, a real thrill for you. Nice also that you had the Hedgehogs visiting. I've never seen a juvenile LTT, what a pretty little thing!

Kelly said...

...loved reading your excitement at finding the Little Ringed Plover (another new bird for me). Those little hedgies steal the show! They are so cute. We don't have them here, but so many childhood stories are about them I feel I know what they are like. I always love seeing them.

swatson said...

well done with the ringer plover.You really hear and see a marvellous variety of birds.Love the hedgehog pics.Only once seen one in my garden.