Tuesday, 9 June 2009

What a grey and dismall day, (how often have I said that this year!) Even by the time I went for my walk at 14:00 the gloom hadn't lifted. I went through the tree nursery and over to the lake and scrub area, I again couldn't locate any Lesser Whitethroats, but COMMON WHITETHROAT were busy going back and forth feeding nestlings, as were BLACKCAPS, and the TURTLE DOVES were 'purring', surely the first young will be seen soon. I watched a family of WRENS being fed, and attempted some photo's, but it was just too dull.
On the lake I saw a MALLARD with a new brood of 7 ducklings, but there were no geese around today.

At this time of year, when it's unlikely I will add any species to my year list, I fill the time trying to confirm the breeding of different bird species. To date I have confirmation of 35 species that have raised young so far, and another ten that I expect to see young for. I find these figures quite reassuring, as most of the habitat is of poor quality for the majority of the bird species on my patch.

Another thing I fill the June days with, is finding Butterfly and dragon/damselflies - but you need a bit of SUN FOR THAT!!!!


Ken Browne. said...

Hi Warren. What great news that 35 species have bed successfully so far this year where you are, and well done for putting the time in to get those figures. As you say it's even better if the quality of habitat is poor. Hopefully the weather is going to be better tomorrow.

Kelly said...

...wow! Confirmation of 35 species is amazing. Have you seen their nests and young? I was happy with all the nests I've seen this year, but they are nothing compared to your success.

Tricia said...

Great number of species breeding in your area.

Know what you mean about the dull wet weather - it' chucking it down here!

fishing guy said...

Warren: The Spring rains will bring a lush enviroment for the birds.