Monday, 29 June 2009

I walked to work this morning at 06:45, and the temperature was already 70F ! This afternoon it reached 86F in the shade, but if you were silly enough to go out into the sun it was alot hotter!

Me, being silly went out! Other mammalian critters did not, they, along with most of the bird species stayed in the woods and hedges trying to keep cool, apart from the SWALLOWS, HOUSE MARTINS, and SWIFTS. They were in their element, soaring high catching the abundant insect prey that proliferates in these conditions. Of course, the Birds of prey are never far from a gathering of hirundines, and as I watched the sky over Migrant alley, KESTREL, SPARROWHAWK, and PEREGRINE all tried their luck, but none was successful, as far as I could see.

I walked over to the stream behind the college grounds, hoping for a Kingfisher to flash past, one I need for the months list, but none appeared, instead I ended up watching, and chasing dragonflies and Butterflies, at least they enjoy the heat!

By 17:00hrs I had flagged, and was in need of shade and water, I go out in all conditions - cold, wet, fog, snow and ice, the lot, but I think the hot humid conditions are the most tiring!

Below are some of the insects I photographed. Oh, and its going to be hotter as the week goes on!

Above is a Beautiful demoiselle, that was by the college stream, below is a Female Black tailed Skimmer

This Painted lady butterfly was absolutely pristine, this one didn't migrate from Africa, it was 'homegrown'. I waited for ages for it to open its wings, but alas it wouldn't, and I was getting roasted.
Below is a Comma Butterfly, there were more of these about today than I have ever seen on my patch.
I also saw this Small Skipper, only the second one I've recorded.
Of course, there were lots of these Meadow Browns about, as usual.
Just to put a bird photo on, I snapped this Juv. GREAT TIT on the feeder in my garden


Newton Stringer said...

Beautiful demoiselles are stunners... Please send one up here !!

Greenie said...

Warren ,
As you say that Painted Lady must be one of those that emerged here to be so tidy .
Well done with the other shots too ,
I did the same , cooking in the sun , for a SWF underwing shot ,

Kelly said...

Glad you got out and braved the heat and humidity to capture the lovely butterflies. We are getting a small break from the heat. Today a cool front is moving in. After being in the 90s, today the high was 83F...tomorrow 78F! Yeah!!

Anonymous said...

Warren, tell the Beautiful Demoiselle to stop off on my patch on its way to Newton Stringer.

J'ellen said...

Nice photos, you have way better luck capturing butterflies/moths than I do! We have skippers here in S Dakota, USA, too, one called the Dakota skipper in fact.

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
it is getting damn hot here too... We are reaching 15°C in the morning and it should be around 20 today!!
I love your butterfly pictures. I did manage to do some macro yesterday and it is not that easy. I prefer birds!!!

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Warren
Nice butterfly photo's, but I like the Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly the best,as I have yet to see one.
You know what they say about mad dogs and englishmen, but if you don't go out you don't see anything. Well done.

fishing guy said...

Warren: What great photos from nature, your butterflies are outstanding.