Sunday, 14 June 2009

Last night Simon from came over to my patch to help find what bat species were living here. Armed with a bat detector, we set out just after 21:00, although we only recorded the two types of Pipistrelle bat - which are quite common, it was a worthwhile excercise, and totally fascinating hearing the different bat frequencies on the detector. Thanks to Simon for an excellent evenings entertainment.

As well as the bats, we heard a Little owl just as we finished, and after i had said goodbye to Simon, I walked round to my back garden and heard, strange noises from the flower border, I investigated further and found 2 Hedgehogs, WOW! I have never even recorded a hedgehog anywhere on my patch, let alone in my garden, cool or what ?

This morning I was a little late in getting out after last nights wildlifing, I didn't get out until 06:30. 49 species were recorded, a bit down on yesterdays total, and there were no additional species found for the months tally.

I was wrong about the CUCKOO calling, I thought yesterdays would be the last heard, but one was calling for 10 mins from 09:45. Only one Raptor was recorded - the KESTREL, a very average day on the patch this morning.

Below is a GREY HERON which flew fromthe Lake.
Below: A Female Black tailed Skimmer, that was seen in the Tree Nursery
Also seen in the tree nursery were a pair of mating White legged Damselflies

Male on the top

being inspired by the Early Birders blog and his garden blooms pics. I decided to post some of my garden flowers
Above: Common Poppy and below Foxglove
Below a section through my Mini- meadow
Lastly a shot of my Delphinium.


fishing guy said...

Warren: Neat photo of the heron in flight. I really like that Foxglove and the view inside the bloom. Thanks so for sharing your view of nature.

Steve said...

You got alot more than I did Warren (only 32) and some great photos to boot.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
So we're going all Charlie Dimmock now are we ?
It'll be Chelsea next .

The Early Birder said...

Nice mini meadow Warren, just the job for the bees & butterflies.

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Warren.
Isn't it great to have Hedgehogs in your garden. Alas I am only getting one visiting mine now and again, but they are fascinating to watch.I have made a temporary home for it but I am going to make a proper wooden one soon. I have also had a small wild Rabbit in the garden, it has made 3 appearances so far. God knows how it get in, but it seems to like visiting. Nice floral pictures, especially the Foxglove.

Monika said...

Wow, a bat detector. I had no idea such a thing existed. Cool stuff!

You're non-bird patch ticks are sure adding up. I can only imagine what hedgehogs sound like...

Chris said...

Excellent post Warren, I enjoyed it... Cool for the hedgehogs, that's something I will never see here! :-)
The flowers in your garden are exquisite! beautiful garden you do probably have. Thanks for sharing.

J'ellen said...

Wonderful flower shots! And I love the heron shot, nice.

Abe Lincoln said...

We saw our rabbit last evening. Not sure if it is a she or a he but it is good size. And there are no ground hogs or wood chucks here yet which is something like the hedge hogs, I would guess.

I enjoyed your post of beautiful flowers.