Friday, 5 June 2009

I didn't get out after work this afternoon, things conspired against me! I did however snatch some garden watching in. I was pleased to see a female GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER bring in one of its fledged young, first i've seen this spring, and there seemed to have been an influx of HOUSE SPARROWS from somewhere. One individual was sighted with a Red ring on it's left leg and a White ring over a Purple ring on its right leg. This is a sparrow that was ringed by my friend a few doors up, as a Juv. bird back in 2004, as part of a BTO scheme involving House Sparrows, I last recorded this bird back in November 2005, where has it been hiding since then ?

The garden was very busy with many young birds at the feeders, mainly Tits and finch's, but a Juv. ROBIN was also seen. At one point I estimated 50-60 birds in the garden, quite something for a small plot the size of half a tennis court! Only problem is they attract next doors cat, which I have to keep chucking rocks at!!

One more bird was added to the June list this afternoon when a GREY HERON flew over the house, it's getting more difficult to find the new species now, tomorrow morning I may find the spotted flycatcher, or a Lesser Whitethroat or maybe the Sparrowhawk, but that will still leave me 6 short of the June record!

Above is the Juv. Great Spotted Woodpecker, below is a strange encounter it had with a Blue Tit fledgling!


Greenie said...

Warren ,
The two youngsters on the fence look as if they are going to square up to each other .
Still having trouble with the blogging , have deleted some of the oldest to make some room , but still can't upload any shots .
Hope it's sorted soon .

swatson said...

great shot of the two fledglings together.I am waiting to see if the woodpeckers feeding in my garden bring their babies.I hope so.

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Warren. It's funny you saying about the influx of House Sparrow's because we have got a lot more than normal feeding in the garden, especially adults bringing their youngster down.

JRandSue said...

Great combination shots,looks like lady luck was with you.
Great Images lucky you.
PS thank you for your comments on our Blog.
Happy Birding.

Kelly said...

...the last photo is classic...the two juvies look like they are conversing with each other. Maybe they are discussing your crazy weather fluctuations!

fishing guy said...

Warren: Neat photos especially the meeting of the two birds.