Saturday, 27 June 2009

My eagerly anticipated mornings walk, was an anticlimax, I was scratching around to find birds, at times it was totally silent! The highlight of the patch visit was finding a Deer, it had got itself into one of the sheep fields, and was looking for a way out.

By 10:00hrs it was very warm, and the sun had burnt off the early low cloud and mist, I sat in the tree nusery at the end of my walk, and tallied up my species count, just 46 species had been recorded, a poor total for 3 and and a half hours walking. I had some hopes of finding a Kingfisher, or Greylag Goose to add to the months list, but with just one full walk of my patch left, and two afternoon visits, I think last years June record total is safe!

I will have to get up earlier and look harder tomorrow morning!!

Below is the Deer that was stranded in the sheep field. I think it will get out eventually, I very rarely see Deer on my patch. Sorry for the Pic. quality but it was a long way off , and in the mist.
I went up to the garden shed at one point this afternoon, to get some garden bird pics through the window, but it was so hot in there I gave up after taking this BLUE TIT photo! ( what a wimp I am!!)

My Idea was to hide away from the heat all afternoon, and go out this evening, but I got as far as Migrant alley and a huge thunderstorm appeared!!
I think I should have just gone down to the beach today!!
Thunder storm approaching, the camera did well to brighten the sky in the image below.


Ken Browne. said...

Hi Warren. Sorry that you didn't have a good day. Looks like you are going to need a miracle to beat last years total.
As for the heat, and you being a wimp in your shed, well I better not answer that.Have a good Sunday.

Chris said...

Heye Mate,
46 species on 3 hours walk would be nice to me ;-) Ok I know there are more in your patch, but sometime it is not that ok for the bird if it is too warm....

Anonymous said...

Good luck for tomorrow, Warren. I don`t recall you having 2 bad days in a row. Go for it.

Monika said...

I don't think 46 species is too shabby either! Too bad the weather didn't align for you today, but who knows what tomorrow will bring...still a few days left in the month to add to that total, if not break the record.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Deer me , no new species .
Don't revert to the tablets , just yet !

fishing guy said...

Warren: The question always is did you enjoy the walk and your health to do it?