Sunday, 20 January 2013

A fine powdery snow was falling as I left home for my patch walk this morning, and it wasn't long before I was defeated by it. The snow, although light got everywhere, in my optics, down my neck, in my eyes, it was hopeless. The 90 minutes I did spend out was very quiet indeed, just 14 species were seen, amounting to around 20 birds! There was particular highlight though, that was the sighting of a PERERGRINE (62) that flew over Migrant alley, that increments the year list, and puts this January into joint 4th place out of twelve, 62 species was also recorded in the January's of 2008 and 2012, but ive 11 days still to pass those  :-)

Once home, I was pleased to see the FIELDFARE back in my garden, so a few more shots were taken of it, through the double glazing. After that the day went down hill, the snow got a bit heavier, giving a 3 inch covering, and I am now feeling like ive got the onset of ''man flu''  :-(

So i'll leave you with the Fieldfare photo's, lots of  'em !


Stringer said...

Cracking pics Warren !

Got a few of them getting into gardens up here too, the snow seems to have moved them around a bit.

Marc Heath said...

Very nice Warren. The 5th photo ticks all the boxes for me, nice pose as well.

Pete Woodruff said...

The Fieldfare pics Warren....WOW!

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Stringer, Marc and Pete :-) I've been wanting some decent Fieldfare images for ages, now ive got some :-)

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Excellent series of pics there Warren.



ShySongbird said...

Great photos Warren :-) I've been photographing the ones in my garden today but the dirty window didn't help...should have planned ahead! It has snowed all day here too which doesn't help with pics either. Had two Bramblings also but couldn't get any photos of them.

Have you noticed how aggressive the Fieldfares are towards the Blackbirds? They waste so much valuable energy!

ShySongbird said...
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Alan Pavey said...

Great pics mate and another addition to the list, good stuff

Adam said...

nice fieldfare

Anonymous said...

Yeah..a cracking set of shots once again Warren.