Saturday, 19 January 2013

As I was putting on my boots for todays patch visit, this fantastic FIELDFARE was seen in my garden, I took some photo's more in hope than anything as the sun wasn't even up yet, and I was shooting through the double glazed window, but even with a shutter speed of just a 13th of a second they didn't come out that bad!
Fieldfare, a real rarity for my garden, this is the 26th species in the garden this year, which is the best January tally in the 12 years of garden watching  :-)

A chilly full patch walk this morning, with a bit of lying snow about, it's in such conditions that a Snipe, or Woodcock can be anticipated, but alas neither of these were found  :-(  In fact it was very difficult finding much about at all really, a low species total of just 39 was found, and three of them were flyover Gull species - HERRING, BLACK HEADED and COMMON GULL.

The best part of my patch today was the College Grounds, where 2 KINGFISHERS were seen on a feeder stream, also seen on it were a flock of SISKIN and GOLDFINCH all taking a drink, two male BULLFINCH were nearby. Another 5 Bullfinch were at the Greenhouse Grounds, with a further 2 at least over at the Scrubby Woods.

The lakes were completely frozen over, and only 3 MALLARDS were found here, standing on the ice. The likes of GOLDCREST, LONG TAILED TIT, JAY, and the occasional sighting of REDWING and FIELDFARE were all seen in the Wet Woods, the only other highlights were single flyover LESSER REDPOLLS, a flyover GREY HERON and the KESTREL pair up hunting over the Tree Nursery.

Whilst cleaning out my feeders this afternoon, I noticed the JAY coming in, so took a snap of it  :-)
I also couldn't resist taking some more GREEN WOODPECKER shots, again these were taken through the double glazing in some poor light, but they aren't too bad, here's a couple of images.
Green Woodpecker - with the last Apple!
Green woodpecker


Adam said...

I didn't know woodpecker ate apples.

Anonymous said...

Nice one with the Fieldfare Warren. I was hoping for a winter thrush in the garden today.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Adam,
This species does, especially when the ground is frozen and they cant reach their preferred insects :-)

Warren Baker said...

Get them apples out :-)

It didn't stay long :-(

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Looks like you got off lightly with the snow so far .
Tomorrow might change things !

Anonymous said...

Apples have been out for months Warren.

midlands birder said...

Great pictures. Cant say ive ever seen a Green Woodie eating apples either!

ShySongbird said...

Well done with the 'indoor' photos Warren and with the Fieldfare of course :-) The photos I have taken, in the past, through double glazing (including Fieldfare) have come out surprisingly well, all that light from the snow helps. Fieldfares in my garden too today, no photos yet though. We have more snow too!

Love the GWs on the other page :-)

Wilma said...

Great color against the white snow. You can see so much detail in the diffuse light, even in the fieldfare.