Monday, 14 January 2013

Some very light snow fell around dawn this morning, this gave way to steady rain for the rest of the day, keeping me off patch for another day, this year isn't going to plan at all  :-( 

About fifty FIELDFARES were in the Sheep pasture at Migrant alley, seen as I trudged home from work in the rain, I didn't stop to count them accurately.

So that's another day written off then!


Marc Heath said...

We had quite a bit of snow overnight. Roll on the longer evenings. My camera seems to be in hiding throughout the week.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Marc,
I've cleaned my Bins, cleaned my Camera, and cleaned the bird feeders, if this wet weather keeps up i'll be doing the housework :-(

ShySongbird said...

It seems we had more snow than you Warren, not as much as some though. If you run out of cleaning jobs there I can find plenty here for you :-)

Warren Baker said...

Thanks for the offer of the work, but I feel i must decline it :-)

Alan Pavey said...

It is tricky getting out at the minute mate.