Thursday, 10 January 2013

Both TAWNY OWL and LITTLE OWL were again calling as I walked to work at 06:50hrs this morning.

My afternoon patch visit proved to be much the same as yesterday, although there were more MALLARDS on the lake, 10 to be precise, but just one MOORHEN was seen. I was pleased to see the lone COOT has found what looks to be a mate  :-) and pleased further still when I spied my first KINGFISHER (56) of the year alight on a dead reed mace stem, keeping the year list trickling along.

A decent size flock of around 100 FIELDFARE continued to feed on the sheep pasture next to the Tree Nursery, where an increase in MEADOW PIPITS was observed, the long staying pair have been joined by 6 more  :-)

Not much else of note today - and no light for any photo's either  :-(


ShySongbird said...

A dismal day here too Warren. Am I right in thinking the Coot pair you had lat year bred successfully in the end, I seem to remember they had either one or two chicks....of course I may have it all wrong!

Warren Baker said...

Hi Songbird,
Your memory serves you well :-)
The Coots had four young, of which two fledged successfully, this was the first time Coots had bred on my patch ( during my living here anyway!)

Deano said...

Not had a single winter Thrush here yet Warren. Where`ve they all buggered off to ?

Warren Baker said...

They will come Deano :-) They look to be gathering on pasture now the fruit has gone.