Friday, 11 January 2013

Two TAWNY OWLS were heard as I walked to work this morning, they were very vocal, no doubt establishing territories, sounded like they were over at the Scrubby woods next to the lakes.

This afternoon I didn't get out onto my patch, but I did spend an hour in my garden shed ( Photo Hide) and took some photo's of the Tits mainly, these should last the blog over the weekend  :-) especially as it looks to be cold and wet, with the possibility of some snow tomorrow, not Camera weather, but it may bring a different species onto my patch, we'll see!

The light was quite poor, and I had the ISO on the camera up to 2000, but the photo's turned out acceptable, if a bit blurry :-)
More of these tomorrow.


ShySongbird said...

More than acceptable in poor light Warren. You are lucky to have that lovely little Marsh Tit in the garden :-)

Adam said...

great shots