Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A LITTLE OWL was heard calling as I passed through Migrant Alley on my pre-dawn walk into work this morning, but no sign of a Tawny Owl yet this year.

After work I took advantage of the slightly less dull conditions and set up in my garden shed to take some more photo's of the Tits visiting the 'blog log'. This lasted just 45 minutes before it ''gloomed'' over again  :-(

I decided there was still time enough for a quick foray around the Tree Nursery and Greenhouse Grounds before dusk, the former was much livelier than yesterday, with 2 MEADOW PIPITS, 2 GREEN WOODPECKERS, 4 REDWING, at least 4 SONGTHRUSH and a sprinkling of BLACKBIRDS, also one of the KESTREL pair was up hunting again  :-)

By the time I got to the Greenhouse Grounds it was already getting dark, but I did see a pair of BULLFINCH and a GOLDCREST in the bramble beneath the Alder Trees, where 4 SISKIN and 6 GOLDFINCH were feeding, not much else but the usual profusion of WRENS, ROBINS and DUNNOCKS were noted.

A scan across Migrant Alley revealed 13 BLACK HEADED GULLS on the sheep pasture, along with the ROOKS and WOODPIGEONS, but the hoped for Common Gull wasn't to be found.

Still pretty lean times out there really!

Here's the results from the garden bird session, not much of a change, but as I said it 'gloomed' over pretty quickly! One of these days I'm going to spend a long photo session and fill my blog folder up!! ( when the sun comes back that is!)
ROBIN (I Like the posing left foot!)
Just about caught this COAL TIT
BLUE TIT with enough supplies to last all day  :-)


Anonymous said...

Two words Warren...."excellemt shots" !

Warren Baker said...

Deano, You are a kind man :-)

I struggled today, need the weekend to get out and do some proper birding!

ShySongbird said...

Well, what a bunch of posers they are! They're lovely, that log was a great idea Warren :-)

Warren Baker said...

I'd love to photo the Jay on that log, i'm a bit too close to it to use my 500mm lens, i'll have to use my 300mm :-)

Stewart said...

Its a nice sharp cold snap you need Warren...I'll have a word with Gandalf...

Gary Jones said...

Superb shots as usual Warren.