Monday, 18 March 2013

After a bright-ish start to the day, heavy rain then moved in by midday, making for a soggy afternoon, that, combined with me having contracted a pesky cold ( that will no doubt turn into man flu!) prevented any sort of patch visit after work. What a miserable March this has been   :-(

The only birding I got in today was during my walk into work, where I noted a dozen or so FIELDFARE and 4 REDWING on the sheep pasture at Migrant Alley, they were amongst 75-100 STARLINGS.

A KESTREL stared down at me from a telephone pole on the walk back home, it just sat there, wet and bedraggled, not bothering to fly off as I passed, I just walked on, wet and bedraggled not bothering to stand and admire him! Bloody weather!!

I tried to get some garden bird images once i'd dried off this afternoon, but little came in to use the feeders, and the conditions were far from optimal, my continual sneezing didn't help matters  either ;-)

Here's what I did get, only the regulars though.
This is the Green Woodpeckers apple, I know you didn't want more images of the Green Woodpecker though  :-) just look at the weather!
You gotta feel for this wet LONG TAILED TIT - how do they survive these conditions!
Long Tailed Tit
COAL TIT enjoying the rain......not!
This BLUE TIT seems to have avoided the worst of the deluge


Marc Heath said...

Luckily the rain did not get down here today. My first Wheatear today at Reculver, photo later so you can officially look for one on your patch now.

Warren Baker said...

Still raining now, that's six hours worth! Not bad for the ''showers' that were forecasted :-)

I think the wheatears will need webbed feet if they arrive here!

Anonymous said...

Same crappy weather up here today Warren. I WANT/NEED TO GET IN MY GARDEN !!

Warren Baker said...

Hi Deano :-)
What on earth did we do with that rope last year, didn't songbird have it last !

ShySongbird said...

Yes, I've got it still and may well need it soon ;-) Great shot of the Greater Spattered Apple! Those poor birds did look bedraggled. Sorry to hear man flu is approaching Warren, hope you feel better soon.

Warren Baker said...

Not long now and i'll be able to pick and choose my patch visits, it cant rain all day every day........can it ?

Very snotty and headachey at the moment, not quite man flu :-)

Alan Pavey said...

It is certainly tricky at the moment, I won't get any visits in until early April disaster!!!

Warren Baker said...

I dont think you'll miss too much Alan :-)