Thursday, 7 March 2013

It rained from dawn till dusk today, and a gloomy mizzly mist slowly descended as the day went on.

On arriving home from work, the sound of chainsaws from the Wet Woods was enough to put me off a patch visit this afternoon, it didn't take much to be honest, what with more disturbance happening over at the fields and paddocks at Migrant Alley, where the laying of a rubber trackway across parts of the fields was occurring, this is for the annual 'Hadlow lambing weekend' the rubber track will hopefully stop the cars being bogged down in the fields, it will still happen though  :-) Shame some of the tens of thousands of pounds generated by the event isn't invested in the college farmland habitat !

Anyway, I decided to use this afternoon to give my garden feeders a good clean, which takes a good hour, I then tried to get some photo's of the arriving birds, but it was nigh impossible with the poor light, out of 146 images just these four passed my critical inspection!
Bedraggled LONG TAILED TIT - Looks as fed up as me!!
It doesn't look too good for patch visiting over the coming days, the Lambing weekend will render half my patch unwatchable, and I've got some work to do on Saturday down on the coast, so that was Saturday gone anyway. The winter weather looks like returning from Sunday onwards, so spring is well and truly on hold, and now it's a case of treading water for a while, waiting for the spring to come back. I should get some kind of patch visiting done though.   :-)


Anonymous said...

We had that type of weather yesterday Warren. It`s just grimmer than grim !!

Warren Baker said...

Hi Dean,
I think we are owed a warm dry summer this year.........BIG TIME!!

Anonymous said...

I agree mate. Thought winter was on its way out...but they`ve just forecast snow up here for the weekend :(

Warren Baker said...

Looks like a freezing day on Monday Deano, just when the flutters stuck their heads out of hibernation and my crocus' started to bloom!

Anonymous said...

Throw, Spanner & Works spring to mind :(

Pete Woodruff said...

The reality, but depressing with it Warren.

Never heard of the Hadlow Lambing Weekend' but wouldn't expect you to explain it on here.

Warren Baker said...

Try googling 'Hadlow Lambing weekend' :-)

Joe said...

Looks as though a combination of things were working against you today, hopefully it'll all be back to normal soon. Grim weather here today as well although to be fair it hasn't actually rained too much over the last few weeks despite how chilly it was not that long ago.

Also really nice pictures, especially considering the bad light.

ShySongbird said...

Hi Warren, At least you don't have to put up with Sealed Knot types, guides, scouts etc on your patch at weekends. They camp and hold events on the top field but tend to stray down into other areas. It's not unusual to turn a corner and find someone from medieval times! When they're doing their re-enactments they don't half sound silly...and very, very loud!... I usually go elsewhere at weekends ;-)

Lovely photos Warren, I'm in awe that you get such clear detail in poor light :-) Hope the intriguing sounding 'work' goes/went well and that if outside you are not a drowned rat by the end of it ;-)

Warren Baker said...

The work i'm doing is not that intriguing :-)
I'm just popping down to spruce up my late mother-in-laws flat, ready for it to be sold :-(

ShySongbird said...

Just realised I'm ahead of myself!, I was thinking it was Saturday and that your extra work was today, silly me! I didn't mean to be nosy...well just a little bit maybe ;-) I hope all goes well, not a pleasant job.