Monday, 11 March 2013

After work this afternoon the weather gradually closed in, making it pointless to get out for a patch visit as little could be expected to be seen in the heavy snow showers and biting north wind that blew gale force at times - welcome to spring  ;-(

The view from my study window was more often than not like this, much of the snow melted as it hit the ground, however it did start to accumulate later on.

Not much visited the garden feeders, a SPARROWHAWK was making frequent visits, but it was nice to see up to 8 SISKINS on the sunflower hearts.

I got a couple of 'through the double glazing' images to brighten the post, but what we really want is some spring weather!


Alan Pavey said...

I didn't venture out this morning, like the Jay shot especially, I still can't near them here. Maybe the hide will help :-)

Marc Heath said...

What a day. It could have been a December day out there. Poor little birds.

Warren Baker said...

I walked to work in a snowstorm, then walked back home in one!

As for the Jay, a hide will definitely help, but a few peanuts are favourite :-)

Warren Baker said...

Poor birds indeed Marc,
I was watching Long tailed tit and Blackbird nest building last week :-(

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Blackbird building here too on Saturday, won't be much of that today...brrrrrrrrrrr



ShySongbird said...

I wouldn't have known they were taken through double glazing Warren, great photos!

The weather has been the same here, really vicious :-(

Warren Baker said...

A good adjective 'Vicious' that's exactly what that wind was today!

Pete Woodruff said...

I refused point blank to venture out at all today Warren, but no intention of following that decision again tomorrow....I'll be off!