Saturday, 23 March 2013

This is what greeted me this morning :-
Yep, more snow
Although none of the snow accumulated, it went on all morning, I did attempt a full patch walk, but got soaked by both the snow and the cascading water from the trees in the Wet Woods, so I abandoned the walk - another day lost to the weather  :-(

I was out barely 90 minutes, and saw very little birdlife at all, unsurprisingly! However, my visit to the lakes proved of good fortune, as I found a pair of GOOSANDER (60) my first this month, and the latest record for this winter visiting species for my patch. I was able to sneak right up on them, to within 5m and watched the female catch a medium sized fish, which wriggled about in its bill - would have made a cracking photograph, if, like so many mornings this year, the conditions hadn't of prevented the camera being taken out  :-(

Also on the Lake were a pair of MALLARDS, one of the COOT pair, a Pair of CANADA GEESE and 4 MOORHENS.

I trudged back home, through the at times shin deep mud, but at least the mud was so watery it didn't stick to my boots  :-)

Once home there is always my garden to watch over, maybe my first Brambling of the year would visit, or maybe the first Lesser Redpoll of the month, but no, a pair of SPARROWHAWKS constantly harassed the feeders, keeping out most other species, only the quick reacting Tit species came in for any time.

Here's one of the trouble makers !! Shame I had to take the photo's through the double glazing, mind you I had the ISO racked right up, and had the exposure compensation down by two thirds, but still only got a shutter speed of 1 60th of a second.
Nothing behind it!
Nothing to its left
Nothing to its right
Nothing below it, so it flew back to its concealed perch and waited for another opportunity!


Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Yet another crackin sequence Warren - nice twig too, natural or strategically placed?
Glad I'm not on that ferry!



Marc Heath said...

Despite the weather lovely shots. I wouldnt mind a Goosander though.

Warren Baker said...

you sussed me, I placed that branch there ;-)

Pete Woodruff said...

An excellent Sparrowhawk foursome including the 'props'.

Ninety minutes is an eternity in that lot as you know that I know only too well.

Have a nice weekend Warren....if possible!

Anonymous said...

If you`re moaning about the snow not accumulating`re more than welcome to a few inches of what we got up here :)

Andy said...

Hi Warren
Still no Chiffchaffs over your way yet. Heard my first in EP last Monday and by Wednesday there 4 calling. Just heard one in my garden this morning calling away in the snow. Poor thing.
Love the Sparrowhawk photos by the way. Brilliant.

ShySongbird said...

Great Sprawk photos Warren but I reckon one is enough trouble, you definitely don't need two! We had snow here again overnight and it's bitterly cold :-(

Warren Baker said...

Good to hear from you Andy,
No singing Chiffy there yet then ?

Warren Baker said...

Bitterly cold here today too with a bit of lying snow - dire weather!

Ken. said...

I reckon the Goosanders made up for a bad days walk. The Sprawk pics came out well, nice of it to pose for you.

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
Ouah man, do you live in Iceland? Very impressive! We do not have snow over here anymore, but sun is here today. Quite nice as we planed a trip to the north of Reykjavik. Your trouble maker is beautiful even if you got the pictures through the window mate!

Mike said...

Stunning shots Warren :)

Anthony Miners said...

Stunning Sparrowhawk images well done.