Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Not much to report at all today, 18 FIELDFARE were seen on the College Sports pitch as I walked to work this morning, with them was a REDWING and a pair of MISTLETHRUSH. Fieldfare and Redwing will become very scarce on my patch over the next two weeks, as most will leave to head back North again, the median average last sighting date for Fieldfare and Redwing on my patch is the 31st and 30th of March respectively.

This afternoon after work I again left it until later in the afternoon to make a patch visit, hoping to meet the Barn owl at the Tree Nursery, I didn't connect with it, and now will accept that last weeks sighting was just a passage bird.

Leaving it so late to get out this afternoon meant little was seen of any small passerines, a couple of GREEN WOODPECKERS in the Tree Nursery along with the KESTREL pair was about it for there. I did visit the lakes, and found the COOT pair remaining, plus two pairs of CANADA GEESE, 1 pair of MALLARD and 6 MOORHEN, but little else was noted in the growing gloom of the evening. I'll be spending less of my time checking the Lakes as the month progresses, as little visits them in March, i'll be spending more time watching the pasture and paddocks at Migrant Alley for any spring arrivals, such an early Wheatear, or over flying Sand Martin.

Well, as I said, not much to report today, however, a LITTLE OWL (57) was added to the March list when I heard one call from the Small Holding as I walked home this evening, so I got something out of the visit  :-)

Not even got a photograph today, the early brightness soon faded once I had got home from work, and the garden photo's I took were all rubbish!


ShySongbird said...

A shame about the Barn Owl Warren but you never know, you might suddenly see it again, probably when you least expect it :-) Back to dull weather here again and we have rain forecast for the rest of the week.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Songbird,
Yep, back down to earth with a bump after two sunny days.

Kicking my heels a bit here now, waiting for the spring arrivals :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Those spring arrivals won't be long now mate :-)

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Bump indeed Warren - winter back with a vengeance until at least Monday...brrrr



Marc Heath said...

Next week Warren, it might just happen. Time to get out and listen for those Owls, is there any history of LEO on your patch?

Warren Baker said...

Funny you should mention LEO, I have been hearing an Owl call in the evening, not tawny or Little, but something in between, needs more investigation :-)