Tuesday, 19 March 2013

No work today, and no patch visit, I'm bogged down with a rotten cold! 

I tried a bit of garden bird watching throughout the day, but the SPARROWHAWK really has got the garden pinned down  :-(  Its frequent and failed attacks are keeping everything away from the feeders, apart from a few brave and fleet winged BLUE and GREAT TITS, but at one point I was visit by a few SISKIN briefly, 6 came in together, nice to see them  :-)

I heard the LITTLE OWL calling from the Small Holding more than once this afternoon,  but that was about it for the day.............and I'm out of photographs again  :-(

Things can only improve from this point on  :-)


Anonymous said...

Hope you get better soon (I myself had a rotten cold earlier in the month). Sparrowhawks can be a real menace around feeding stations can't they :-(

Marc Heath said...

Get out you wimp!!!! Let's hope the weekend delivers the goods.

ShySongbird said...

Hope you feel much better soon Warren sending lots of healing hugs but wearing a gas mask so you don't pass it on to me ;-) Hope the Sparrowhawk moves on and gives them and you a break!

Chris said...

Take care and be patient mate. After joining Ebird, I thought about you and hoped you are punching all your info in there. They are so valuable!

Pete Woodruff said...

Always sorry to hear your'e down and not out....if you see what I mean

Hope you are feeling better soon Warren, Pittswood can't possibly do without you.

Warren Baker said...

Thanks for your sympathies guys - well, all except Mr Heath :-)

I'll be out and about soon as.

Anyway, i'll be finishing work for good next Thursday, so I can make up for lost time, i'll also add a few new innovations to my patch watching, just to keep things interesting :-)