Thursday, 28 March 2013

My final morning at work has come and gone, and my days will hopefully be more wildlife filled from now on  :-)

I had only until 15:30hrs for a patch visit after work, giving me 90 minutes out, I spent most of that 90 minutes over at the Lakes and scrubby Woods. As I was walking to the area across the forlorn looking Tree Nursery, a pair of GREYLAG GEESE flew low over, and as I followed them in my bins I caught sight of the KESTREL pair perched on the Grenhouses, not seen the Kestrels since saturday.

I had a quick scan over the muck spread Pub Field, but nothing was there today, the wind was cold and biting again, and I cant say I looked as thoroughly as maybe I should have!

Over at the Lakes I once again found a pair of GOOSANDER, they now take their place as the latest recorded on my patch. Also on the Lakes were two pairs of CANADA GEESE, 1 pair of MALLARD, 4 MOORHENS and a COOT.

I spent a while looking at listening around the lake edges and Scrubby Woods, hoping for the call or song of my first spring Chiffchaff, but they have still not arrived yet  :-( I did see a pair of BULLFINCH, a TREECREEPER, and a whole host of BLUE TITS, not sure why they had come together. A GOLDCREST sang, a COAL TIT was heard to call, and a GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER drummed from over at the Wet Woods, where I spent 15 mins, finding the pair of MANDARIN on the pools of branch entangled water  :-)

A short visit then, but from now on every visit will be at least 3 hours long, all I need is some warmer weather - or even this bloody cold wind to drop out!!

I took some distant record shots of the Goosander
Goosander pair escorting one of the Canada Geese
Male Goosander
Female Goosander


Kieron Palmer said...

Enjoy life after work!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Too many years left for me Warren. Take it easy don't rush it and enjoy what comes your way



ShySongbird said...

You've certainly done well for Goosander this year. Hope you enjoy your new found freedom Warren :-) As you say, all you need now is the weather!

Warren Baker said...

Thanks guys,
I'll savor my days, especially the warm ones :-)

Little Brown Job said...

Love reading your posts Warren, enjoy your freedom, when Spring finally arrives anyway!

Marc Heath said...

A man of leisure, now that sounds good. Birding all the way from now, dream stuff!

Warren Baker said...

Thanks LBJ,
Posts might get a bit later in the day now, but i'll endeavor to make them daily :-)

Warren Baker said...

The wife will ensure its not all leisure for me, but i'll except that anyday :-)

Marianne said...

Bring on the more wildlife-filled days! Great pics of the Goosanders, such good-looking ducks.

Grant Demar said...

Welcome to retirement, I am sure you will be able to cope??? and not miss work too much?? The birds are already playing ball. 51 is a good score in this weather. Like Chiffchaff pics. See you soon(when it warms up)