Friday, 8 March 2013

The rain came again today, from 08:00hrs persistent and sometimes heavy fell, and its still showing no signs of abating as we approach dusk  :-(

In those conditions it was pointless getting out, so another patch visit was missed this afternoon, I did however get to see the months first YELLOWHAMMER (58) this morning as I walked to work in the only dry part of the day, just one flew over the Greenhouse Grounds calling.

The poor old Yellowhammer has really declined dramatically on my patch, it is recorded as no more than an occasional flyover now, and although i've never not had at least one record in any month, i'm sure that it will soon cease to be on the ''seen every month'' list, todays sighting was only the third this year.

Back in 2002, the Yellowhammer was recorded on 86% of the 123 full patch visits I made, in 2012 it was recorded on 33% of 121 full patch visits. Breeding habitat loss, and lack of foraging habitat are to blame, there is just too much grazing by sheep and horses!

My next post will not be until Sunday, as i'll be busy tomorrow, 3 days without a patch visit ! Unheard of!

No photo's from today - not even from my garden, but here's just about the best Yellowhammer photo ive got from my patch, taken a few years back whilst I was still a novice with my camera, - not that I'm an expert now of course! I don't think i'll have many chances of improving on it soon  :-(


ShySongbird said...

It's been really grotty here too Warren :-( and of course we all seem to be reverting to wintry weather again next week, the coldest so far this year I heard!!

I was trying to photograph Yellowhammers the other day but think they will be very twiggy and blurred, I have so much confidence in them that I haven't even bothered to put them on the 'puter yet! I had the same problem with a very handsome male Bullfinch....why didn't I fall in love with buildings instead of birds, it would have been much easier ;-)

Warren Baker said...

Nothing like a good challenge, buildings are too easy :-)
Keep warm this weekend! :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Nice Yellowhammer Mate :-)