Friday, 20 August 2010

Carrying on from yesterdays post, and my chase to find 60 species on my patch in a day, well I managed a 90min trip over to the Greenhouse Complex and a circuit of Migrant Alley, from 18:45. With just 4 species needed to be found, I had four possibles in mind, Little Owl, Grey Heron, Turtle Dove and Pheasant.

I checked the bushes and brambles in the Greenhouse Grounds for a Garden warbler or Lesser Whitethroat, but only Comon Whitethroat was seen, with a few WREN, ROBIN, and BLACKBIRDS. The circuit of the paddocks also drew a blank, so I started to watch the sky, and listen out for Owls and that Pheasant that had eluded me all day. A KESTREL flew over, as did a few HERRING GULLS, and the evening procession of flocks of CANADA and GREYLAG GEESE took place at the usual time. It was geting darker and I realised that the Pheasant wasn't going to call, and the Turtle Dove wasn't going to fly over, but maybe the Grey heron would. Just about 19:30 a LITTLE OWL called from the Greenhouse copse, 57 for the day, but thats where it ended, not a bad day tally at all, and a most enjoyable attempt at finding the '60' .

Today there was only the briefest of visits, as I was out all day on a trip to Hampshire. I was back by 16:30, and spent 40 mins checking the fields and paddocks at Migrant Alley, I found no Migrant Species, but a KESTREL was up hunting, and more frustratingly a TURTLE DOVE flew over and a PHEASANT was seen in the Greenhouse Grounds !!

A couple of photo's from last evening:

Geese going over

and dusk over the Greenhouse Complex.


Pete Woodruff said...

Not often I'm the first to comment on your blog posts Warren.

A good read and two photographs, one of which I've 'nicked' with a view to putting on Birdsblog.

My Regards.

Dave Jordan said...

Hi Warren
Love the sunset pics.

Monika said...

The sunset picture is gorgeous! Good luck on your search for #100.