Friday, 13 August 2010

Friday the 13th, an auspicious day, supposedly unlucky, but for me it turned out quite the opposite, for as I walked to work across Migrant Alley, the first WHEATEAR (70) of August was seen, sitting upright on a fence post as bold as you like, all that checking of the paddocks and pasture has paid off at last, this species takes the months total to 70, equal with that of last August and that of 2008, just one more species will take the August record :-)

Also of note going into work, was a WILLOW WARBLER and two families of SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS, seen in the College Grounds, i'm not sure where the second lot came from.

Walking home from work I saw that the Wheatear was still where I had seen it earlier, so I hurried home for my camera. On my return I was dismayed to see that there was a dog walker going right past the spot where the wheatear had been, I checked the fields, and paddocks, but the bird had gone, why cant people walk thier dogs in the park !

As I fruitlessly seached the fence posts, I could see the sky becoming ever darker as a rain shower approached, a small flock of 5 HERRING GULLS went over, and a SPARROWHAWK zipped past and into the Greenhouse Copse. Looking up to check the approaching weather, I saw a PEREGRINE circling high and the first spots of rain hit my face, I had one final look across the fencelines and posts and saw a KESTREL drop down, then made a quick exit for home, to avoid the rain.

Once home, I did a bit of garden watching, and took some photo's of the mass of GREENFINCH feeding on the sunflower hearts, there were at least 40 of them, then the rain came and most of them moved off for cover.

I did manage a few photo's whilst out on my short patch visit, there were a few Common Blues around the Greenhouses, where it was sheltered from the wind

As well as this Brown Argus ( Thanks Greenie )

Above 5 HERRING HERRING GULLS, an Immature tagging on the back.

Above and below are some of the Greenfinch's at the feeders, there were more on the smaller 6 port feeder, and in the Elder tree, as well as some bathing in my pond.

The Nuthatch was back again as well


Derek Faulkner said...


You are too hard on dog walkers, you are not the only person that likes to walk in the countryside.

Monika said...

Glad Friday the 13th turned out to be lucky for you! (Maybe the unlucky part was missing the photo op?) And here you've still got more than half the month to find that 71st species.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Well done on the Wheatear (70).
I can see the seed going down in the feeder from here .
p.s. You're second CB is a male BA

Ken. said...

Hi Warren.
Friday 13th, wasn't so bad after all.
Well done on reaching 70 species for the month. Plenty of time left to add a few more.
Have a good weekend.

Warren Baker said...

Whatever you do into the countryside,it should not impinge on other peoples enjoyment of it, or more importantly, disturb the inhabitants of it.

Unfortunately not all dog owners ( very few in fact) are as responsible as you. I would make it law that all dogs should be on leads if out in the countyside...rant..rant...rant.....

Anonymous said...

That new August record is on the cards now, Warren.
You`d have to be the most unluckiest person in Unluckiestville not to achieve it now.

I/we are rooting for you, mate.

Derek Faulkner said...


I couldn't agree with your dogs on leads law, to restrictive, and certainly wouldn't be of any use to a shepherd with a collie.