Wednesday 4 August 2010

A very different day from yesterday, not much at all to get excited about on my patch. The weather had turned grey, and rain threatened, but only a brief shower was had.

A four hour full patch walk, yeilded just 45 species, with some glaring omissions, such as Long tailed Tit and Pheasant. I suppose the highlight of the walk was adding another species to the August list when a CORMORANT (63), was seen going high over Migrant Alley. I did have some other noteworthy sightings, a KINGFISHER flew up the College Stream, where yet another migrant WILLOW WARBLER was seen, and four species of raptor were observed going over - KESTREL, SPARROWHAWK, HOBBY, and both PEREGRINES agian. It was also noticable that there was strong movement of HERRING GULLS, scores of small parties from 3 to 11 were all headed N.

back out again tomorrow, but with the months list already on 63, I can't expect too many more new species to be found, the most likely being Garden Warbler, or Grey Wagtail, but just maybe a migrant species will visit the paddocks at Migrant Alley. Wheatear, Yellow Wagtail or maybe the first Whinchat of the year :-)

Not many photo opportunties in the poor light, but a Speckled Wood was found

Also this pair of COLLARED DOVES


Phil said...

Not much to get excited about? Kingfisher, W. Warbler, Kestrel, Hobby, Sparrowhawk, TWO Peregrines...........not exactly boring:-)

Ken. said...

Hi Warren.
It may have been grim and grey day, but a Kingfisher is a bird which should brighten anyone's day, not to mention the Raptors. I say well done on seeing what you did.

Anonymous said...

With 63 in the bag already Warren, you`re leaving me standing at 50.

Jann said...

I agree with Phil...and I have high hopes you will add a few to your Aug. list, with over 3 weeks to go...lovely shots of the Speckled Wood and the collared doves.