Tuesday 17 August 2010

There was none of the excitement of yesterday on my patch this morning, but two SAND MARTINS sitting on the apex of the Greenhouse Complex, along with around 40 Swallows is not to be sniffed at :-) There was also a WILLOW WARBLER in the boundary hedgerow between the Greenhouses and Migrant Alley, whilst at the College Grounds there were again two families of SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS seen, one of which the young looked to be not long from the nest, all of which cheered up a soggy walk to work.

After work I took a walk over to the lake and scrub area, where a KESTREL was sitting on a telegraph pole, but it declined the offer of a photograph. The only thing of any interest found in the scrub was a mixed feeding flock, comprising of LONG TAILED TIT, BLUE TIT, GREAT TIT, TREECREEPER and a CHIFFCHAFF, around 30 birds in all. Soon after that the wind got up and it started raining, not heavy, but that fine blowing stuff that annoys !

I also visited Migrant Alley, but nothing was seen of the Whinchat or Wheatear, it was back to GOLDFINCH'S and LINNETS, but two YELLOWHAMMERS were an enjoyable sight sitting atop the all Hedge. A few HERRING GULLS went over, but in all it was an average August visit today.

Photo's today come from my garden.

Below is a Male CHAFFINCH

Then a male GREENFINCH

Finally a MARSH TIT, which is getting a bit bolder, it fed on the sunflower hearts, then on honeysuckle berries.


Phil said...

Well done with the Whinchat yesterday Warren. You're nearly there for your 100 target. Perhaps you should raise it to 105 now!

Chris said...

Well of course some days have to be normal otherwise you will not get any surprises ;-) You still saw some species I'll be happy to see on a daily base. Over here the weather is still nice but my camera is in repair so no going out at the moment ;-)

Anonymous said...

We need to get rid of these W`erlies for the chance of anything else Warren.

Jann said...

Is it even possible to have two great days in a row? I don't think so! Oh well, nice shots of the birds at home! I keep seeing a chickadee peeking around but it doesn't eat at the feeders as far as I know, and a female bluebird has been spotted a couple times too..but otherwise all we get are the house finches and sparrows.